Tuesday, February 27

School administrators decree that *some* athletes can compete while taking steroids


A few years ago we used to constantly hear that athletes weren't allowed to use "steroids," because it gave 'em an unfair advantage.  The idea, as I recall, was that if 'roids were allowed it would trigger a "race to the bottom" with competitors taking ever-larger amounts of the stuff to win.

Yeah, that would be bad.  Glad it was banned.

Oh, wait... Turns out some athletes are more equal than others, and are allowed to take male steroids-- testosterone--while competing.

Wow!  What sane group of adults would allow that?  And who would they make such a goofy exception for?

Do you even have to ask?  The crazy morons running Texas' highschool athletics have decided it's just ducky for a transgender wrestler--a female changing-to-male--to compete against "normal" girls despite taking testosterone.  And not surprisingly, the girl taking T won her weight class.

Would the adults running the competition have been okay if a male had wanted to compete while taking testosterone?  Of course not.  But transgenders have now been granted Snowflake status by the Leftists who run all our schools, and are now exempt from the rules that bind "normal" people. So we get this insane ruling and result.

Someone needs to get some common sense and start making rational decisions, and damned quick.

Sunday, February 25

French socialist government handing out booklets to children pushing unrestricted immigration

In public schools in France, booklets are being to students (8 to 16 years old) claiming that France is safe and prosperous ONLY thanks to a "lifetime of open borders," and claiming that mass immigration into Franci is "a universal right."

The booklets are produced by an organisation which gets half of its funding from taxpayers, and the country's main teachers’ union.

The booklets tells children too young to know better that “immigration is a fundamental human right,” and that “mass migration is the very essence of humanity.”  It claims French citizens have no right to control immigration, using the totally irrelevant "argument" that “the first humans were all from Africa.”  Which, we shouldn't need to point out again, is irrelevant.

The booklet also states that “To migrate is to move, it is natural in human beings.”  Ah.  So how does that prove that no nation should be able to control who enters it?

This is the kind of idiocy we've come to expect from communists and teachers' unions.  You'd think the government as a whole might have more sense, but then French president Macron is an open-borders, kumbayah moron.  Kinda' reminds me of our former emperor--who, by the way, just refuses to go away.

Why would any French citizen want open borders?  Would any French citizen (other than communists and other so-called "globalists") approve of forcing kids who don't have any experience to read this crap propaganda?

Finally, would anyone care to hazard a guess as to which way a Hilliary or Kamala Harris or Elizabeth "Lieawatha" Warren or Joe Biden would come down on open borders?

Of course.  You already know.  I don't know of a single Democrat candidate who supports enforcing our immigration laws.  They all want open borders.

Treasonous rats, all of 'em.

Saturday, February 24

Thoughts about events in other nations

With things so dire here (FBI/DOJ corruption under Obama, with holdovers continuing), I've been thinking about current events...elsewhere...and what lessons they would teach us.

There's a concept in engineering called "factor of safety."  You design any building or strucure or device for a lot higher load than you expect it will ever experience.  Reason is that undetectable flaws in a metal member, or a workman screwing up, or concrete that's ten percent weaker than the specs require, won't cause the thing to fail.

A similar concept is "design margin"--again, a kind of extra strength above the max calculated load.

History shows that societies eventually implode.  Thus it seems clear that in societies that are still working there must be some kind of "margin" that keeps the society from failing.

It also seems clear anyone who wants the society to survive should be highly opposed to anything that reduces this design margin.

Putting incompetent or corrupt people into positions of responsibility or power seems to be one of the factors that reduces the design margin.  For example, when the "old" government of South Africa turned the keys over to the communists of the African National Congress, the ANC apparatchiks started putting their supporters into positions of great responsibility: running the state electricity company, the state water company and the police, to name just three areas.

But to the surprise of...well, no one except the apparatchiks, really...the drones put in charge by the clueless apparatchiks had only the haziest idea of how to actually do the jobs to which they'd been appointed.  As far as they could see, the men who had previously held the position simply went into a big office, talked on the phone, drank coffee, and everything worked.  Like magic.

The average ANC supporter would therefore conclude, "Seems simple enough.  I can do it just as well!"

When the ANC took over, South Africa generated enough electricity to sell loads of it to surrounding countries.  Now it doesn't have enough to supply its own needs, and has instituted rolling blackouts.  No new reservoirs have been built since the ANC took over, and the country is almost out of water.  And it's having to import food.

The same thing happened in Venezuela:  Socialist/marxist Hugo Chavez decided he'd "expropriate" (a beautifully camouflaged communist euphemism for "seize") the assets of all foreign oil companies operating in the country.  Shortly thereafter most of the skilled production engineers and oilfield workers left the country.

No matter to Chavez:  He simply replaced them with his supporters.  After all, once someone has drilled an oil well, how hard could it be to get oil out of the ground?

Venezuela's oil output has fallen by over 1.5 million barrels per day since then.  Last time I checked, the state oil company had only managed to drill 3 wells in the whole year.

Hmmm...maybe there's more to it than just a big office and a name on the door, eh?

The communists/Democrats in the U.S. have an embryonic version of the same system, called "social promotion" and affirmative action.  These policies may have been well intended, and may well have produced a few success stories, but it's hard to see how hiring and promoting by race or party instead of skill could do anything other than erode the design margin.

Seems to me that hiring based on "diversity" or square-filling only works when the population being boosted by those policies is small enough that any lack of skill can be compensated for by people with more competence.  But what happens in nations like South Africa or Venezuela when the competent population has been decimated?

The previous president of South Africa--a communist thug by the name of Jacob Zuma--frequently sang a song at gatherings of his ANC supporters.  The song featured the verse "Get me my machinegun so I can kill the Boer."

Liberals in the U.S. forced the old government in SA to surrender the keys to the communists.  I suspect no U.S. liberal has ever given a single thought to the consequences of that decision.  

New commie president of South Africa promises to seize more white-owned farms

South Africa swore in a new president last week and Cyril Ramaphosa, has promised to "accelerate land redistribution"--which is commie-code for seizing land from white owners and giving it to blacks.
Of course this prospect doesn't cause U.S. liberals and Democrats and socialists to so much as raise an eyebrow, because our own government does this all the time.  It's called "eminent domain."  So if the South African government wants to do the same thing, who cares, right? 
Oh wait...Ramaphosa plans to simply seize successful white-owned farms--a process delicately called "expropriation"--without any compensation.
But Ramaphosa reassuringly promised that these "expropriation operations" won't be a “smash and grab” exercise but will be "handled properly."

Ah, this must be a new, communist definition of "properly."

During a speech to the laughable, rubber-stamp parliament the bastard added that people
...must see this process as an opportunity.  No-one is saying that land must be taken away from our people.  Rather, it is how we can make sure that our people have equitable access to land and security of tenure. 
We must see this process of accelerated land redistribution as an opportunity and not as a threat,” 
We will handle it with responsibility. We will handle it in a way that will not damage our economy, that is not going to damage agricultural production.  In dealing with this complex matter [we will not]make the mistakes that others have made.
Cyril Ramaphosa, new president of South Africa

Ah.  "We must see this as an opportunity, not as a threat."  This is pure communist gobble-speak, on a par with "We Democrats will give you free health insurance."  It's utter horse-shit.  All of it.

Oh, and that wunnerful, reassuring bit of horse-shit at the end?  The line about "We will handle it in a way that will not damage our economy"?   As anyone from Africa with an IQ near room temp knows, exactly the same insane policy of seizing farms from successful, long-term farmers and giving it to blacks--what the communists call "redistribution "--was imposed by the communist president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Thousands of white farmers were forced from their lands.

That country had long been the "bread basket" of Africa, exporting food.  But as the farm seizures increased, people learned (to their everlasting regret) that novice farmers (the new black "tenants) weren't very good at growing food.  With the experienced white farmers driven off their farms, fFood production plummeted, and Zimbabwe’s economy suffered massively.

Hey, no problem, mon. We jus' hafta seize more, den everyt'ing work, see?  And sure enough, in 2016 Mugabe ordered that all foreign companies would have to either sell the company to blacks or  else merely give 51 percent of their shares to blacks, or the government would seize the company.

One wonders if anyone in that country actually believe this "plan" will work better than the awful disaster of seizing white-owned farms.

But maybe I shouldn't criticize the morons of South Africa and Zimbabwe, since the leaders of the Democrat party right here at home decided that taking over all health insurance--and making working Americans pay for health "insurance" for illegals--would work way, WAY better than letting that icky ol' "free market" thingy handle things. 

How'd that work out for ya, voters?  Oh yeah, that's right:  It got your messiah, the emperor, elected to a second term.  So at least half the voters are just as gullible and greedy as black Africans.

"We'll give you free stuff!" is a siren song.  And whether sung by communists or Democrats, it always has lots of fans.

Okay, and here's the topper:  You will never guess what organization posted the above article.  Fox?  The Wall Street Journal?  Forbes?  Nope.  It was posted by the folks at...Russia Today.  Seriously.

One wonders whether they've seen the light, or if they're really unaware that "expropriation" and "redistribution" are standard buzzwords for communist looters.

Liberal: More school cops will just target more "vulnerable students." What???

Liberals are masters of propaganda. And as Exhibit-A I present Rebecca Klein, of the cesspool Huffington Post, as copied by another cesspool of liberal scum, Yahoo News.

(BTW, the Yahoo link will play a scary audio about something gonna eat your computer.  Typical.)

In the wake of the Florida shooting many parents have called for more security officers at schools. So here's how lib Klein responds:
There’s scant evidence that more cops and security guards on campus actually stop school shootings.
Really, Rebecca?  Tell us, How many school shootings have happened at schools where the staff was armed?

But it gets better:
There’s an abundance of evidence suggesting that more school security means more vulnerable students getting funneled at an early age into the criminal justice system.
Well if you consider thugs, assailants, rapists and drug dealers "vulnerable" then I guess you've got a point. 
Black children are already more likely to get arrested at school. In 2012, black children represented only 16 percent of school-aged children, but 31 percent of those arrested.
Oh my yes!  It's awful!  Those awful, raaacis' teachers order cops to *arrest* those sweet, innocent, "vulnerable" 19-year-old black students for...nothing at all!  Yes, the courts are absolutely full of black students whose only offense was passing notes in class, or turning in incomplete assignments!
And when more cops are in school, these arrests are more likely to take place, even for minor misbehaviors.
Oh my yes!  As just noted in the above 'graf, school cops are notorious for arresting black students for, uh...being late to class.  Not having a hall pass.  Wearing pants too low.  Yeah, you bet.

Spare us, Rebecca.  Your premise--that school cops arrest black students for nothing--is horse-shit.  School cops don't  do jack unless ordered to by the staff--and 99 percent of the staff in public schools are totally, reliably left/liberal.  Any teacher who complains about totally ghastly behavior by blacks in the classroom wouldn't have their "teaching contract" renewed.  (That's like getting fired, except you can't sue the school cuz you weren't fired, they just "didn't renew your contract."  Companies would like to do that but the courts won't let 'em.  

So teachers with thug students simply keep their mouths shut and await the end of the school year, which will take the thug out of their class.

But of course this doesn't fit the liberal Narrative, which holds that--as Rebecca so predictably claims--schools arrest black students on a whim, instead of for serious offenses.

Did it ever occur to Rebecca or HuffPo or any liberal that just maybe the reason blacks are arrested at a higher rate than their percentage of the school population is that they commit serious offenses at two or three times the rate for other groups?

They can't be unaware of that.  So how can they continue to support the "it's all due to racism" bullshit?

Because the race card still works on liberals.

Friday, February 23

Liberal writes her paper about a resident displaying the Confederate flag. Just 1 problem...

An author featured on the New York Times best-seller list (which the Times doesn't allow if a best-selling author is conservative), Rebecca Morris, called the Seattle Times with what she considered a horrifying story:
 Morris was sure she'd seen a Confederate flag flying in her neighborhood!
“Hi. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying in front of a house in my neighborhood. It's at the north-east corner of 92nd and Palatine.  I would love to know what this ‘means’  Maybe others in the area are flying the flag? Maybe it’s a story? Thank you.”

Being a good liberal apparatchik, Morris immediately reported this liberal-designated hate-crime (at least that's what liberals believe it is) to her local liberal paper, then basked in her display of virtue-signalling while waiting for the mob to dispense "liberal justice" to the hate-filled deplorable.  With any luck he'd be run out of liberal Seattle by nightfall.

Cooler heads than the liberal snowflake author's quickly found that the flag Morris was sure was one of those awful, scary Confederate flags was actually the flag of...Norway, being flown by a man of Norwegian descent.

But hey...it was RED!  And it had stripes on it!  So...so...so...well, she should get kudos for being so vigilant, right?

That's not the end of the self-beclowning, though.  Cuz when Morris learned she'd made a mistake and had called out the social-justice warriors on a Norwegian, instead of apologizing she made an unintentionally-revealing excuse:  She blamed her mistake on the current political climate.

“Maybe that’s the story,” she told the Seattle Times. “We’re so stressed by all things political that we see things that aren’t there.”

"We," cupcake?  You, certainly.  The NYT, certainly.  Liberals and Democrats, certainly.

But the core truth still eludes Morris and her fellow liberals:  Liberals and Democrats are working hard to limit the right to free speech" to themselves, and to take it away from those Hilliary called "deplorables."  So for example, a liberal supreme court ruled that burning and stomping on the U.S. flag is merely "free speech," but the libs will call for the mob if someone flies a Confederate flag.

Or if a highschool student tries to wear an American flag T-shirt to school.

Hope Morris eventually realizes what she's actually doing.  But she won't

Image result for norwegian flag

Image result for confederate flag
Confederate battle flag

Monday, February 19

Thugs intimidate grandmother in St Louis who flew a flag supporting cops

A grandmother who owned of an antique store in St. Louis wanted to show her support for law enforcement, so she flew an American flag with a blue line across the middle on the front of her store.

Punk-ass thugs started protesting almost immediately, threatening her and her customers for her support of cops.

Shortly afterward a note was taped to the front door:
"Pig supporters not welcome.  Flag comes down or YOU go down."
She took the flag down.

Now, with all the evil, communist, BLM-inspired CRAP going on in this once-free country, this shouldn't have bothered me.  But it does.  The cowardly, pencil-neck thugs want to ban any speech they don't like, and any displays of support for the Constitution or cops.  So they pick on...a grandmother.

When the pencil-necks succeed in intimidating a grandmother--who also owns a fixed store that she can't protect around the clock--they get a rush of "Hey, we bad!  We tough!"  And they look for the next target. 

I wish they'd come out in the open and tell some ex-military guys "We don't like you supporting cops, so stop it or we'll beat you up."  Yeah, I'd really like to see how that exchange goes down.

Nations sometimes die by conquest, but more often by revolution or subversion from within. 

Watch the video at the link.  It'll make your blood boil.

School district at Florida school wouldn't let "guard" carry a gun. How did that work out?

Aaron Feis was a school guard at the Florida school where a nut killed 17 kids.  When he heard the first shots he recognized gunfire, and charged toward it.

He was the right man in the right place at the right time, but he was unarmed--barred from having a gun on school grounds by idiot Leftists.  He died shielding students with his body--truly a remarkable and courageous man.

Media reports have focused on his after-school job as a football coach (herehereherehere, and here), but his day job was as a school guard.

An unarmed guard.  One who was disarmed by--I'll say it again in case you didn't get it the first time-- Leftists.

The school had one "school resource officer," a Broward Sheriff's deputy funded by the city.  But the school district believes that officer wasn't on campus when the shooting started.

Why was the school forced to depend on only one person as an armed guard?  Why was "school guard" Aaron Feis unarmed?   Answer: the "Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990" bars school personnel from being armed.  [18 USC § 922(q)(2)(A)]

Actually several schools in conservative states have armed their staffs, and the feds haven't reacted, so this law seems to be unenforced.  But leftists in blue states have used it to prevent their school personnel from carrying those awful, scary, dangerous guns, relying instead on *decals* on the door to deter nuts and crooks.  "This school is a gun-free zone."  How's that working for ya?

So, what are the chances that the spineless pencil-necks in congress (spit) will amend that act and let teachers carry?  Zero.  They'd rather try to ban civilians from owning guns altogether, in the insane belief that this will keep nuts and criminals from obtaining them.  Total delusion.

Aaron Feis had no shortage of bravery.  He didn't hesitate before radioing "I'm going in."  If he'd had a gun, there's a good chance he could have killed Cruz and saved many lives.

If you could ever get the bastards of the Left to answer this question, you'd find that they are absolutely convinced another school shooting will happen.  Thus they must either believe in a) insanity; or b) evil.  Yet they profess to believe that evil or crazy people will stop killing others if we either pass more laws or ban citizens from owning guns altogether.  This is insane.

Aaron Feis was ready, and brave.  But he had been unconstitutionally disarmed by the Left, under the foolish delusion that this would somehow protect school kids.

Sunday, February 18

Democrat governors vow to sue federal government to kep tax breaks for...the RICH!

On Feb. 1, Maryland’s attorney general signaled his state will join Democrat-run New York, Connecticut and New Jersey in spending scarce taxpayer dollars to sue the federal government over a provision in the Trump tax-cut bill.

You're probably thinking, "Wait, I thought the bill cut federal taxes for the average taxpayer.  How can politicians be screamin'-mad about that?  And I thought Democrat pols have always claimed to be "for the working man and woman."  So how could Democrats object to that?"

But remember that these are Democrats we're dealing with, and as Nancy Pelosi wrote to all Dems a couple of weeks ago, "We must oppose anything and everything Trump and the Republicans try to do!"  So yes, the treasonous sons of bitches ARE opposing part of the tax-cut bill.

They issue that has their knickers in a twist is a provision that limits the amount all taxpayers--nationwide--can deduct on their FEDERAL tax return for taxes they pay to states and local governments.  Before the change it was an unlimited amount.  The new law cut that to $10,000.

You should know that the only folks who benefit from unlimited deductions for state taxes are those who "itemize" deductions.

And who itemizes?  Almost exclusively high-income taxpayers whose state and local tax amounts exceed the value of the standard deduction.

So for example, a wealthy resident of New York City pulling down a cool $1.5 million bucks a year  might be paying almost $110,000 a year to the state, and probably another $50,000 in ad-valorem taxes.  So limiting the amount of this that he can deduct on his federal tax will cost him quite a bit.  But the average guy earning $150K a year won't see much difference.

"Wait...let me get this straight.  You're saying the Democrats are filing a lawsuit to preserve a tax break for the RICH?  That's a hoot, cuz every single time the Republicans propose a tax cut, Dems have screamed that the Repub proposal will mainly benefit "the rich."  But now they're suing the federal government for...making the rich pay more taxes??  Is this a joke?

Nope.  It's just the way the lying Democrat pols roll.  They'll reverse positions completely in a week if it lets them complain about some Republican effort--and then use their media cover to claim that their new position isn't a reversal at all. 

As many Constitutional experts have noted, the odds of success for such a lawsuit are incredibly low, since the Constitution gives congress the power to write any kind of federal tax bill it can pass, as long as the taxes are levied uniformly on all residents.  But the Dems may not actually care about winning, but simply want yet another way light a fire under their base by opposing Republican legislation, even if that legislation will greatly benefit the majority of Americans.

Friday, February 16

More fake news

After a crazy former student killed 17 students the Florida high school, headlines starting appearing at major news sites:
  • "There have already been 18 school shootings in the US this year" — ABC News
  • "18 school shootings in 45 days; Florida massacre is one of many tragedies in 2018"—CNBC
  • "18 school shootings in US in 2018"— AFP
  • "U.S. averages a school shooting every 2.5 days in 2018" — Politico
  • "We're Averaging One School Shooting Every 60 Hours In 2018" — Huffington Post
And when not in the headline, this same claim shows up in just about every story about the Florida shooting.  So, it must be true, right?  If not, why would every news outlet be reporting it?

And you may also wonder how it is that you only heard of one or two other tragic school shootings this year.  Maybe you were asleep?  Why weren't the other 17 reported?

Because the headline is "fake news."

The number comes from a gun control group called Everytown for Gun Safety, and they got the "18 school shootings" figure by calling shootings that had nothing at all to do with students a "school shooting."

For example, one of the events the group called a "school shooting" involved a student at Greyson College who accidentally discharged a weapon at the school's Criminal Justice Center during a class supervised by a police officer on how to use handguns.

Another on the list involved a third grader who accidentally pulled the trigger of a police officer's holstered weapon.

One of the claimed "school shootings" was a when a 31-year-old man shot himself in his car, which happened to be parked in the parking lot of a school that had been closed for seven months. 

Another was a student who deliberately killed himself in a school bathroom.

One "school shooting" involved a gun brought to school by a 12-year-old girl, that discharged while in her backpack.

Three "school shootings" involved fights that broke out between either adults or students in school parking lots — one of them at a college in North Carolina — in which one of the people arguing pulled a gun on the other.

Another student was shot by a robber, during a robbery that happened to take place in a school parking lot.

In fact, of the 18 so-called "school shootings," only five occurred during school hours, and only four — including the latest — are what most people would consider a school shooting; in which someone brings a gun to school with the intent of shooting students.  And of those three other "genuine" shootings, only one resulted in deaths, when a student at a Kentucky high school killed two fellow students and wounded 14.

The other two "genuine" shootings resulted in two injuries.

This is by no means meant to downplay the seriousness of this issue. These are all inexcusable.  But when you read the breakdown above, it's clear that the gun-control group deliberately contrived a misleading headline, in order to create anti-gun anger and unduly scare people.

And the press, most of whom enthusiastically embrace gun control, simply went along with the deception.

Fake.  News.

Gee, where have we heard that before?

Senate committee passes bill that would cut sentences for violent offenders--seriously

The insanity of the "leaders" of both parties in congress continues unabated.

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send to the full senate a bill almost unbelievably soft on crime.  Highlights:
  • reduces mandatory minimum-sentence laws, such as “three strikes and you’re out,” that were keeping repeat criminals in jail and off the streets;
  • offers early release to federal prisoners convicted of violent crimes;
  • reduces sentences for "juveniles" already serving time in federal prison for the most-violent crimes (often MS-13 members)
  • reduces the mandatory minimum sentence for those who use firearms in violent crimes
  • allows judges to seal and expunge criminal records for many juveniles;
Ironically, many of those who voted for this bill are the same creeps pushing broad gun control measures on innocent law-abiding citizens.  In other words, tough on law-abiding citizens. easy on violent criminals.  Wow, what geniuses!

Some of the most strident, shrieking pushers of gun control in the Democrat party-- Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Kamala Harris-- voted to release convicted gun felons.  What geniuses!  And what screamin' hypocrites!  Tough on law-abiding...you know.

The Lying Media is already hard at work selling this bill as “criminal justice reform.”  The claim is that there are "too many people in prison, particularly, non-violent offenders."  First, I'm pretty sure no schmuck is in federal prison for mere possession of small amounts of weed with no intent to distribute.  So by "non-violent offenders" the Dems mean people convicted of selling drugs.

Wait, I thought there was, say, an "opioid epidemic" killing tens of thousands of Americans every year!  That was so awful that "60 minutes" even did a story on it.  So how doya think those thousands of Americans get hold of illegal opioids?  Wild guess is that for all but a couple of PhD chemists, they bought the stuff from...wait for it...a seller. 

So do we wanna do something about that huge annual death toll, or not?

Dems apparently think it's just fine to let sellers out after a few months, and hope the opioid users will take up sailing or something.  In other words, they're being hypocrites.

This is my shocked face.

Another thing about the "too many people in prison" claim is that a whopping 32 percent of those inmates are non-citizens.  So we should start by deporting all criminal aliens, and telling them in very plain language that if they come back after deportation they'll be executed.  (I know, that would require a law the Dems wouldn't consider voting for, so we have to just make it hard as hell to waltz in.  Like, maybe, a wall or something.)

It's worth noting that almost all those who voted for this bill also support open borders.

It's also worth noting that nothing in this bill demands that all of the criminal aliens released would be deported.  So an MS-13 member who was convicted of murder could be let out on the streets at the stroke of a pen from a liberal judge, and still stay in the U.S.

Senator Ted Cruz devised a clever way to show the blatant falseness of the claim by Dems on the committee that the bill would only release nonviolent offenders:  He proposed an amendment that would bar violent felons from any reduction in sentence.  It was defeated 16-5.

Attorney-general Sessions wrote to the committee categorically rejecting the premise of this bill. Sessions noted that we are in the midst of the worst drug crisis in history and crime rates and drug deaths have been rising, at the same time that sentencing has already been diminished on a federal and state level.

As is self-evident from the past few decades, most of those convicted of drug trafficking on a federal level are involved in other violent crimes, but are often only convicted on drug charges.

It’s fitting in a perverse way for the Senate to vote for jailbreak at the same time they are voting for amnesty for illegals. Both issues have aggressive bipartisan support among the elites, but few people outside of the D.C. policy circles believe this nonsense. In fact, Chuck Grassley himself admitted that they didn’t vote on this bill outside of committee in 2015 because 5-6 members would have been at risk losing their seats for Willie Horton-style legislation.

As late as March 10, 2015, Grassley delivered a floor speech agreeing with Jeff Sessions every premise of the bill’s flaws. He even identified the toxic source of jailbreak – “the leniency industrial complex” – in his own words. Then six months later he flipped, and voted for the bill.

Maybe someone should ask RINO Grassley why he suddenly did a total reversal of his earlier position.

BTW, the media--the "leniency comlex"--are absolutely pushing this bill.  I've read several of their reports on it, and without exception they avoid any mention that the bill would put violent criminals on the street long before their normal release date.  In fact most stories are quite short and just push the idea that "we need to reduce prison population."  So read a few pages of the bill (link at the top) and see if you think the bill does the things noted above.  I think it's a disaster.  And I think it's not beyond the Dems to pass this just to cause crime to increase, which they will then blame on...Trump.

Dems and lying media: "We need to ban private citizens from owning guns!"

After the nutter shot up the school in Florida we're hearing from the Dems and Lying Media wailing that we should ban private ownership of guns.  So here's a thought:
Congresscreeps, judges, governors, banks, military installations and useless crap like the State Department and the Department of "Education" are all defended by....men with guns.

By contrast, public schools are defended by...signs that plead "This is a gun-free zone."

See any pattern there?

When was the last time some crazy person shot a congresscreep, or a judge, or a governor, or shot up the State Department or the Department of "Education"?

If guns were inclined to shoot people all by themselves, wouldn't you expect congresscreeps and judges would be getting shot more often?

Oh, and have you also noticed that whenever some nutter shoots up one of the "gun-free zones," who gets called to capture the shooter?

Men with guns.

But to hear the Democrats and everyone in the Lying Media tell it, guns are the problem.  Not the crazies or criminals who use 'em to kill innocents.

Why do most citizens of socialist countries love nationalized health care?

Why are average citizens in places like Canada and the UK happy with socialized medicine?

Most obviously, they're comforted by the thought that if they get sick, they won't have to pay anything for treatment.  They constantly hear horror stories about the cost of medical care in the US.--pushed by their government-supporting media.

Second, the compromises used by the socialist governments to keep costs down are essentially invisible to the average citizen.  So for just one example, doctors don't tell patients about the procedure or drug that would cure them but that the nationalized system has declared it won't provide.

Third, wealthy people can use their wealth to buy better, private care.  Since they're not locked into the nationized system they have virtually no stake in changing it.

Look how long it took to get even the most basic reforms implemented at Veterans Administration hospitals.  Note how long they got away with lying--altering their records-- to keep themselves from look criminally incompetent.  Do you think that any national health service is any different?

A state run monopoly is far worse than a private one.  And once established they're impossible to get rid of.

Dems keep screaming that Europe's "nationalized healthcare" systems are just GREAT

Dems constantly claim that European countries--with their TOTALLY WONDERFUL nationalized health systems--are just super, which we poor fools in the U.S. suffer under horrible health-care.  Well here are some facts about socialized healthcare systems:

-12/12/11 http://www.cbc.ca/news/heal... "Canadians are being forced to wait almost 4 ½ months, on average, to receive surgical care, prolonging the pain and suffering patients and their families are forced to endure."

-4/28/12 http://www.guardian.co.uk/s... UK Smokers and obese people denied breast reconstructions and hip or knee replacements.

-7/15/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/... UK Thousands lose sight as NHS cuts cataract surgery.

-10/26/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/... UK “Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year” Professor Patrick Pullicino said doctors had turned the use of a controversial ‘death pathway’ into the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly.

-11/29/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/... UK The innocent children are being put on controversial “death pathways,” once only thought to have involved elderly and terminally ill adult patients."

-12/18/12 http://www.france24.com/en/... French Socialists want option to accelerate death for terminally ill patients.

-12/22/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/... “Prince Charles’s intervention follows a series of reports of appalling treatment by NHS staff, including dying patients left screaming for water”; “Last month, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said there was a ‘kind of normalization of cruelty’ in the worst hospitals, with patients too often subjected to, resentment, indifference and even contempt.”

-2/7/13 http://news.investors.com/i...
President Obama's favorite economist Paul Krugman: We're also "going to have to ... really make decisions about health care, (and) not pay for health care that has no demonstrated medical benefits."
"Death panels and sales taxes is how we do this."

-6/17/13 http://www.theblaze.com/sto... Now, in the Netherlands, parents who cannot bear to watch the suffering of their dying child can have doctors administer muscle relaxants that will bring on death quicker.

-10/30/13 http://hosted.ap.org/dynami...
UK's top court: OK for hospital to stop treatment without the consent of the family.

-12/12/13 http://www.lifenews.com/201... The Belgian Senate voted today 50-17 to extend euthanasia to children with disabilities and people with dementia.

-2/11/14 http://www.breitbart.com/Bi... Belgium Set to Extend Right-to-Die Law to Children

-5/10/14 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ UK Eight out of 10 GPs fear missing a serious illness because of their heavy workload.

-7/5/14 http://www.breitbart.com/Br... UK "New data documents for the first time that across large areas of the United Kingdom no patients above the age of 75 are “receiving surgery for breast cancer or routine operations such as gall bladder removal and knee replacements.”

-4/12/15 breitbart.com Euthanasia in Belgium: Doctors ‘Hasten the Death’ of 1,000 Non-Consenting Patients a Year

As several people have said:  If you think health care is expensive NOW, just wait til it's "free."

Weapons of mass...something


Double standards again? Watch how the AP describes Trump budget vs Obozo's

Is the Lying Mainstream Media biased against Trump, and FOR any lying socialist Democrat?

Democrats say that's ridiculous.  But take a look at how the lying Associated Press describes Trump's budget compared to how they described Obama's virtually identical number:

But Obozo's virtually identical budget?  The AP described virtually the same number in absolutely glowing terms:  Instead of condeming Obozo's budgets as creating "soaring deficits" the AP gushed that his budgets were gonna "combat terror threats, global warming" and "help middle class"!

Fortunately the internet's ability to store past claims reveals the treasonous bastards at AP for what they are:  Democratic shills.

Thursday, February 15

Leftists claim the government should run health care. How well does that work?

The blog "PJ Media" ran a story on how ghastly Britain's National Health Service was. 

The story prompted an American commenter to relate his own experience with health care here in the U.S., in an argument with a citizen of Canada--which has nationalized (i.e. government-run) health care:
I once had an argument with a Canadian woman about health care, before Obama and the Democrats destroyed the American health care system.

A few months earlier I'd gotten tired of my knee hurting, so on Monday I called my doctor, who referred me to an orthopedic specialist in town.  The Ortho's office set me up for an appointment Wednesday for an MRI scan.

They did the MRI, and the next day I met the ortho Dr.  On Friday they operatied for a torn anterior cruciate ligament and was home that evening.

At the time my private health insurance cost about $340 a month for my whole family [wife and 4 kids]. Whole thing cost me maybe $200 out of pocket.

The Canadian woman called me a liar, insisting it simply wasn't possible to get an MRI, diagnosis and surgery that fast and at such a low cost.  She insisted that by definition the American health care system had to be worse than the perfect Canadian one.
I had a somewhat similary experience:  I lost the ability to move one eye in one direction, giving me double-vision.  Because that can be caused by a brain tumor, I went to the ER on a national holiday.  In 30 minutes I'd been examined and was getting an MRI--on a holiday weekend.  Very impressive.

Citizens of socialist nations have almost a religious faith in the State, such that they will reject any fact that doesn't comport with their faith. 

Tuesday, February 13

Obama's official portrait is an unintended summary of his cluster-f*** reign

Barack Hussein Obama-- a Muslim socialist who claimed he was a "foreign student" (by definition someone NOT born in the U.S.) in order to get free money for college --was a disaster as president.  And sometimes karma has a way of getting back at assholes like Hussein in...interesting ways.

Latest example:  Recently the emperor sat for his official portrait, which they say is supposed to hang in the Smithsonian.  It shows the emperor in front of a hedge or something.  With apologies, here it is:

Wow, that is so...presidential!  The ivy growing over his feet is so...presidential!  His arms regally crossed across his imperial lap, strong hands showing his magnificent strength of char...Wait, is there something strange here (other than a self-proclaimed "foreign-student" as president)?

Drape your left arm over your knee. Is your left thumb toward you, or away from you?

Looks like the artist captured something we never noticed:  If his left thumb is toward his body, the sonofabitch has six fingers on his left hand.

Just kidding, and I'm sure the artist will correct this immediately, but what a picture-perfect summary of the emperor's 8 years of ghastly, race-baiting, divisive, negative, America-degrading misrule!

Hat tip to Leslie Ann Dowd for her sharp eye.

Monday, February 12

From leftists at Time: "What good is democracy if the result is Trump?"

Wanna see yet another example of how your self-proclaimed "betters"--the self-congratulatory, self-styled "elites" who infest every single position in the Lying Media and Deep State--are conspiring to re-take the presidency?  Here's the headline from yet another cunning piece of propaganda printed by  the Trump-hating socialists at Time magazine, 3 weeks ago:

'America No Longer Matters.' Davos Isn't Worried About President Trump

By Molly Ball     January 25, 2018 
[Poetic drivel about six feet of snow snarling traffic in Davos omitted.]

By week’s end, Donald Trump would be joining the gathering–a neat symbol of his ingestion by the globalist class.
Got that?  According to Molly Ball of Time, our president has been "ingested" by the globalists.
A year ago this group had been mortified by Trump’s election and the rise of populism around the world. But the destabilizing President who once seemed like an existential threat now seems more like a harmless diversion.
See what they're doing here?  They're claiming the president who once seemed like an existential threat but now is...harmless.  Merely a diversion.

Really, bitch?  Cuz I could have sworn that mere days ago a few hundred FBI traitors and their Dem congressional allies were sweating f'n bullets about Trump closing in on their plot to illegally spy on Americans, as part of their "insurance policy" to fix the result of the election in favor of their corrupt candidate.

"Harmless" my ass!  What they're trying to do here is make his supporters think he's betrayed them, so they'll be less likely to turn out in November.  It's why so many troll-bots in the comment section of Fox and other conservative sites are filled to overflowing with paid trolls baiting conservatives with "Where's that wall he promised, morons?"
A year after Trump’s election raised the prospect of revolution, the elites have regained their confidence. The revolt ha[s] been put down, stock markets are up, and globalism is making a comeback.
“The phenomenon of Trump is no longer interesting to people,” said Timothy Snyder, a Yale historian... “A year ago everyone thought Trump was just fascinating,” Snyder added. “What I see is that the Europeans have moved on.  America no longer matters.”
Got that?  "America no longer matters."  By couching this as a quote from a "Yale historian" Ball and her bosses can claim "Oh, we're not saying WE think America no longer matters," but in fact that's what they're claiming, since they never attempt to counter the quoted assertion. 

Make the president's supporters believe that their president has made America irrelevant and they'll be less likely to vote in the crucial mid-term elections. 

Ball quotes a Harvard psychologist saying Trump’s “America first” vision was “horrifying.”  The same pencil-neck claims the president derides expertise and multilateralism, and calls him “childish.”  He claims that despite pervasive gloom and negativity--which is fed entirely by Time and their Lying allies--the world is getting better in many ways–"an ineluctable trajectory of progress that Trump is powerless to impede."

If before November of 2016 a writer had tried to push these comments in a once-influential news magazine, no one would have believed it.  Ball is implying that Trump actually wants to impede "an ineluctable trajectory of progress." 

It's almost unbelievable--unless you know a few of these people.  They hate Trump and conservatives and straight males and religious believers (other than Muslims, of course) with an unearthly passion. It's truly amazing. 

Ball ends with this gem (broken into two grafs below):
And yet a shadow persists. The highlight of last year’s summit was a speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who earned ardent applause for his rousing defense of globalization.
Of course.  Because by couching the goal as "globalization" the Chinese gull morons like Ball into supporting their plans, when the real goal of the Chinese government is to corner all markets world-wide--a task which would be much easier if the U.S. would accede to Chinese demands.
With the U.S. receding from the world, China has raced to fill the vacuum, a development with troubling implications. “If you’re American now, you have to answer the question,” says the Yale historian. “Why is democracy a good idea if it brings you to this?” What good is democracy, the world wants to know, if the result is Trump?
Look at that last sentence again.  Notice it's not part of the quote from Snyder.

That last line is Time's position.  "What good is democracy...if the result is Trump."

Can you believe people like author Ball and her bosses at Time are even Americans?

And can you imagine the shrieks and angry screams from the Left if a wide-circulation magazine had printed this same thing about Obama?  No one did, of course.  No one would.  But with a Republican president, all the usual rules of civility and decorum are out the window.

If you think the U.S. is a great nation, with wonderful people and the best ideas, you need to realize that the people at Time and the rest of their comrades in the Lying Mainstream media are mortal enemies.

They know it.  They just hope you don't.

Leftist loon: Climate change affects immigration reform, LGBTQ rights, etc.

As those over 30 know, the scam called "climate change" was once called "global warming." 

The wacko Left had to change the name after a series of unusually cold winters started to make Americans think perhaps the planet's climate wasn't warming after all.  Because personal experience--in this case freezing your ass off for months--is usually a pretty effective teacher.

Well, unless you're a socialist/Democrat/liberal/"progressive," of course.  In which case nothing is an effective teacher.

Now a leftist female "activist" warns us that the updated/renamed threat of "climate change" is about far more than just the planet's climate.  Instead it supposedly drives or controls such unexpected things as "transgender justice," racism and immigration reform.

Really.  I'm serious.  Writing in the leftist rag The Nation, female activist Leehi Yona wails that so-called "climate change"--and remember, for years it was called global warming--actually has a huge impact on...immigration reform, LGBTQIA+ rights, and religious freedom??

Yes, she claims those things.

And naturally all the wailing and angst is caused by...wait for it...President Trump.

Oh, of course.  We should have guessed.

According to Yona his appointment of a string of “climate-change deniers” to key positions in his administration, his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and what she claims is his “assault on public lands,” shows her (and by extension all enlightened beings) that “Trump’s policy is nothing short of...climate destruction.

During the past summer Yona writes, “I couldn’t think about wildfires breaking across the continent without thinking about trans rights. I couldn’t think about Hurricane Irma without thinking about DACA.  Climate change isn’t just about the planet. It’s about justice: racial, social, socioeconomic, reproductive, and environmental."  And don't forget "religious freedom."

I'd ask how she claims religious freedom is linked to climate change but it'd be a waste of my time.

And these people want to run the country.  Heaven help us.

Sunday, February 11

ABC ran a long anti-Trump piece when it broadcast the Grammies.

ABC is an American television network.  They hosted a broadcast of a thing called the "grammies," which is ostensibly an award show for the music industry.

One of the so-called "comedy bits" on that show was a fake tryout for someone to read passages from a virulently, salaciously anti-Trump book.  The network's producers got a dozen or so Hollywood or music stars to read some of the most slanderous things you can imagine.

Is there anyone on the planet who thinks the same network would have ever attacked a Democrat president this way?  If not, I think we just settled the question of whether the Lying Media is biased against Trump and every Republican.  Not that this was ever in doubt, but the Lying Democrats keep wailing that the media is biased FOR Republicans.

Utter horse-shit, of course.  As the clip below shows:

Saturday, February 10

Five reasons why Russia would MUCH rather have helped Hilliary win, not Trump

I've about had enough of the idiots who claim that Russia (=Putin) would have done anything to help Trump win the presidency.  This is so absurd as to be ludicrous.  Some reasons:

1. Trump had signalled that he would be all for opening more government land--including offshore on both coasts--for drilling.  Russia's biggest foreign-exchange earner--by FAR--is exported oil.  If U.S. production increases, world prices either fall or don't rise.  Either way, Russia would stand to lose billions if Trump was elected.

2.  Trump gave every signal that he would be a hard-ass on foreign policy.  "America first!", right?  By huge, glaring contrast, Hilliary would have continued in the "Obama style" of foreign policy: don't do anything to piss off Russia or China, but let them do anything they want.  That was Obama's policy to a T, and it even extended to Russia's client states, as in Obozo's infamous "red line" regarding how the U.S. would regard use of chemical weapons by Syrian dictator Assad against Syrian rebel civilians.  Obozo said if Assad used such weapons that would be a "red line," a "game changer."  Assad promptly used those weapons, and Obama did nothing--no strikes, no sanctions.  So again, Russia would far, far have preferred Hilliary to Trump.

3.  Trump signalled that he was for a strong military.  He pledged his strong support for the armed forces.  By strong contrast, Hilliary has always hated the military.  If you were the Russian head of state, which candidate would you rather see elected?

4. Open borders weaken a country, for hundreds of reasons.  Hilliary favored open borders, and supported Obama's amnesty for illegals.  Trump promised to build a wall and end amnesty for illegals.  If you were Putin, you'd have to realize that Hilliary would weaken the U.S., thus would be a better choice for Russian interests.

5.  Obama succeeded in forcing the U.S. military to allow open homosexuals and transgenders to serve--a policy guaranteed to reduce morale among the troops and cost millions of dollars (free sex-change ops for trannies).  By contrast, Trump opposed both.  If you were Putin, who would you rather see win the presidency?

So next time some liberal asshole in your family starts in with that "Trump colluded with Russia" bullshit, go down the list of the above points and see how they respond.

Jesse Jackson scolds olympic committee for deciding flag-bearer by coin toss. Didn't like result?

After a 4-4 tie vote failed to determine who would carry the U.S. flag in the opening ceremony, the  U.S. Olympic Committee decided the matter by flipping a coin.

Black rabble-rouser Jesse Jackson was absolutely incensed about this decision.  He thought it was inappropriate.  I guess that's a euphemism for "unfair." 
"The choice to represent our country as in the should never be determined by the flip of a coin. The Committee should immediately institute a more appropriate system to make such a significant determination."
And of course he would have complained the same way had the coin toss favored the black skater, right?

Right, Jesse?  Sure, you bet.  Aaaabsolutely.

NY Times puts out cover story to lie to you on why NSA paid a Russian $100K

The New York Times loves and covers for Democrats, and they hate Trump.  And with that said, everything they print becomes far more understandable.

Example:  Yesterday the Times printed an article titled

U.S. Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets

Seems a year or so ago, Russian hackers broke into the supposedly-super-smart-NSA's computers and stole a copy of a "toolbox" containing scores of computer routines used by the NSA to hack other computers.  It was a devastating loss.

So the premise of the article--that when a mysterious Russian contacted the NSA offering to sell the tools back, that the NSA jumped on the offer and paid the guy $100,000--merely the first installment of a reportedly-agreed one million bucks--is superficially plausible.

But in fact it's utter hogwash.  Bullshit.  A cover story.

Reason:  As everyone with an IQ over 100 should know, data is infinitely replicatable, meaning that the offer to sell the tools back to the NSA would obviously not retrieve all copies already made by the hackers.  So no rational "intel" agent would make such an offer.

Oh, the agency did make an offer, and paid $100,000.  But if it wasn't to recover the "hacking tools," what was the real purpose of the payment?

They were buying more anti-Trump information.

Oh wait...right up near the top of the story the Times says that even though the "shadowy Russian" "insisted" that the tools the NSA was supposedly buying back would come with the bonus, at no extra cost!, of anti-Trump info, "Several American intelligence officials said they made clear that they did not want the Trump material from the Russian."

That's the lead sentence of the 3rd 'graf, so you know reporter propagandist Matthew Rosenberg thought it was damned important to make sure every reader saw and understood it.  Yep, the splendid, scrupulously honest, fair, non-partisan NSA people made clear that they didn't want any of that anti-Trump stuff. 


But they paid the cash, and that almost always creates a paper trail. 

If Hilliary had won, no problem.  But...ooops.

Oooh, what do we do now?  So they concoct this utter bullshit story about "buying back data"--a story that sounds superficially plausible to morons and Democrats, but is obvious bullshit to anyone who knows jack-shit about computers and data.

They can get away with that because they refuse to answer questions from any critic who knows c'mere from sic-em. 

But wait, you say:  They can be subpoenaed to appear before a congressional committee, where they'll have to answer the hard questions!  So there, mister smarty!

Uh, no.  Didja watch how IRS commissioner John Koskinnen smirked and told congress to go f itself when they asked him why his agency didn't save copies of all of Lois Lerner's emails, as required by federal law?  And whether he found it at all odd that Lerner claimed to have suffered 3 crashed hard drives in four years?  And whether he found it odd that one of the hard drives was smashed with a sledge hammer, since otherwise there are ways of getting data off even a crashed drive?

He smirked and told 'em to go pound sand.  And they didn't do shit to him.  He's still walking around free, still has his pension.  You really think the intel guys will be more forthcoming?

But no matter:  The Times has put the Narrative out there, as ordered.  Yay!  Adam Schiff and Chuckie Schumer have another talking point they can use to delay and obfuscate.

A so-called "sanctuary city" is one that refuses to cooperate with federal law enforcement. 

Specifically, when the city arrests an illegal alien who is wanted for breaking the law in some other state, or merely for violating a deportation order, federal agents issue a "detainer," asking the city to hold the illegal for 24 hours, until the feds can come get him.

In sanctuary cities the mayor has directed the cops not to cooperate, so they release the illegal right away.  He (most are male) vanishes back into the general population, usually to be arrested again for committing another crime.

Los Angeles has been a "sanctuary city" even before California's totally Democrat-controlled legislature passed a LAW barring any government employee or private business from cooperating with the federal government regarding gaining custody of an illegal.

Recently a conservative outfit asked LA mayor Gil Garcetti if he worries about potentially facing federal charges. Here's what he said:
Not at all. I think it’s a political circus. I think it’s about stirring up, you know, blowing a dog whistle – not about anything real. There’s not a single document we’ve ever cut back, and they know that. There’s not a single city in America that has done that, so it was kind of a weak and pathetic move.
Consider the sentence bold-faced above:  What does he mean by "There's not a single document we've ever cut back"?  Let me help you:  It's bullshit--designed to make the listener believe the guy answered the question in a meaningful way. 

The statement that "There's not a single document we've ever cut back" has nothing to do with the charge that they are refusing to cooperate with federal law.  And of course Garcetti knows this.  He knows that if he admits the truth--that California (as well as LA) is refusing to cooperate to help the feds remove people illegally in the U.S.--it stirs up conservative Americans--who, amazingly, don't like it when illegals murder their kids or spouses, or when members of the thuggish MS-13 gang terrorize and murder, or when illegals driving with three or four times the legal blood-alcohol limit kill an entire American family.

So Democrat Garcetti will go to great lengths to avoid admitting the truth--at least when he's not in front of a friendly audience of Mexican supporters.  There he'll brag about how his policies have protected all the "undocumented" people here (Demspeak for illegals).  But outside those venues he's all about gobble-speak:  Say words that don't actually mean anything but sound like a firm denial of any wrongdoing.

If I were Trump I'd direct federal marshalls to arrest every member of the California legislature, and Garcetti and Jerry Brown and the mayor of San Francisco.  Put 'em in a federal prison until trial.  No bail.  Then repeat as needed.  We need to see if the states have to comply with federal law.

Interesting observation:

Incompetence is its own kind of bad.

The fact that a politician may have had good intentions, and didn't intend for his or her policies and decisions to cause a disaster, doesn't matter a whit.  The disaster doesn't care.

Is concealing evidence to get a warrant to spy on Americans a big deal? Not to Democrats

Democrat party leaders and their stalwart defenders in the Lying Media have been trying mightily to get Americans to ignore the brazen lawbreaking by Obama's laughably-misnamed Department of "Justice" and its wholly-owned sub-agency, the FBI.  Specifically they want to trivialize the huge efforts of those two agencies to destroy the remote chance of Trump winning, by hiring a Brit to fabricate a salacious "dossier" depicting the Republican candidate as perverted.

In other words, the Democrats used the FBI to try to fix the 2016 election to ensure Hilliary won.

To see how absurd the media's efforts to sweep all this under the rug are, imagine how they'd be reacting if the roles were reversed:  If a Republican candidate had paid foreign agents to produce a file of unverifiable accusations against the Democrat candidate, and agencies controlled by a sitting Republican president had conned the FISA court into granting a warrant to spy on an associate of the Democratic nominee’s campaign, the media would be calling it the most terrible political scandal in the history of the nation.

Every little development would be blared in two-inch headlines at the top of every front page, and would lead every nightly news broadcast, as the newspapers and networks did in the Watergate case that eventually forced Nixon to resign.

But when the Democrat does it?  Trivial, citizen.  Nothing to get worked up about.

Laws?  Well, citizen, the law is...complicated.  Probably too complex for you to understand.  So when the Republicans tell you that Obama's justice department and FBI applied a different test to avoid charging Hilliary for something that ordinary military troops have been jailed for, you're just not well-educated enough to grasp the nuances.

Some extreme, far-right, tinfoil-hat-wearing Republican congressmen on some trivial committee have claimed that when one of Mueller's top investigators, FBI special agent Peter Strzok, texted FBI attorney Lisa Page,
I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office—that there’s no way he gets elected—but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40…
it showed that the FBI was doing something unusual--possibly even trying to sabotage Trump's candidacy.

The text came after a meeting involving Ms. Page, Mr. Strzok and the f'n Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe.
But is it really evidence of anything shady?  Come now, citizen, you're not a conspiracy theorist, are you? 

Don't believe the Republican propaganda, citizen.  After all, government employees are just like you.  You wouldn't deny an honest, hard-working government employee the right to buy insurance, would you?  After all, you have insurance, and they need it too.  Right?

Besides, our sources in the FBI (which we can't name because we care about national security) tell us that Peter Strzok was actually talking about an upcoming election for the coveted post of Director of Parking Place Assignments.  Agent Strzok was concerned that a guy who didn't like him would be elected.  So...see?

Also, it should be clear to you that when Republicans criticize our wonderful, honest FBI, they're simply betraying our great nation into the hands of Russia's evil Vladimir Putin--just like we've been telling you Trump did.  See??  They're all conspiring to sell your country to Russia.

Russia, Russia, Russia!  Keep your eye on Russia, because that's what's important here.  Russia is our enemy, right?  Of course Russia wasn't always our enemy:  Back when the wonderful Hilliary Clinton--who, by the way, won the popular vote and should be president--was SecState, and signed off on the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium leases to Russia, Russia wasn't our enemy at all.  Not a bit. So Hilliary didn't do anything even a tiny bit questionable.

But two years later, when Trump started conspiring with Russia, that's when they became our enemy.

Got it?

If you don't understand how Russia went from friend to enemy in just two years, don't worry:  It's very complicated.  Probably too complex for ordinary voters to understand.  So you'll just have to trust your friends in the Mainstream Media and the Democrat party.

After all, we've never lied to you before.

Friday, February 9

"Racial activist" demands that DC be renamed, and statue of Jackson in New Orleans be removed

Anyone know who Andrew Jackson was?

If you graduated from a public high school after 1980 it's almost certain that the only thing you know is that he's a figure from American history.  And if you've ever been to New Orleans you may know that there's a square named after him.

In the middle of that square is a statue of Jackson. 

Well...now a racial "activist" is screaming that he demands that the statue be destroyed.

Oh, and he wants Washington D.C. to be renamed.

If you have trouble believing that anyone would seriously demand that Washington be renamed, you haven't been paying attention.

Go ahead and click the link to see the guy say that he wants DC renamed.

Cops seize enough fentanyl from Massachusetts drug ring to kill 7 million people!

A couple of days ago law enforcement busted a drug-trafficking ring in liberal Massachusetts.  They seized 33 pounds of fentanyl, which is enough to kill everyone in the state!

Here are the people they busted.  But you are warned, citizen, not to draw any conclusions from the similarities in the names and faces.  Anyone who makes any negative comments trying to make logical connections from the names and faces will be severely fined under our laws.

Oh wait, that's Canada--where you would most certainly be fined--if not jailed--for making any statements about the national origins of the drug cartel members.

So remember, citizen:  Keep your raaaacist conclusions to yourself.  After all, barely half of these fine persons are illegals--and most of those got amnesty from Obama.  So...no conclusions allowed.

Wanna see a miracle?

Wanna see an absolute miracle?  Take a look at the figure below:


If you've never been in the oil business you probably don't understand why this is absolutely astonishing.  I can help you with that.

As should be obvious, when you produce oil from the rock that contains it, less remains to BE produced.  As a result, in every oil well ever drilled, production rapidly falls from its initial peak.

Of course as more wells are drilled, production rises, but at some point total production peaks and then starts to decline.  And production from that "field" never recovers.  Cuz most of the oil has already been brought to the surface.  Obvious.

Total U.S. production peaked back in 1970.  Huge new oil discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico slowed the decline but couldn't reverse it.

But as the graph shows, around 2009 oil production started climbing again.  And now it's tied with our nation's all-time high.  And this summer we're expected to set a new record.

So how did this happen?  A few independent oilmen--folks who owned their own companies--bet their fortunes on a different way of doing things.  All private money.  The federal government didn't contribute a single dollar to help with the testing.
 The new approach was able to squeeze "commercial amounts" of oil--amounts large enough to make a profit after the huge expense of drilling and "completing" a well--from rocks that had never produced before.  As a result, areas that had been written off as non-commercial were suddenly "prospective" again--i.e. were back in the list of possible oil reservoirs.

Hundreds of independents pioneered the new approach, and the major oil companies eventually followed suit.  Soon thousands of wells had been drilled using the new approach, and total production began to rise again.

A decade from now--if not sooner--idiot Democrats and communists will note that the up-turn in total production came in 2009 or so, and since Obozo the First was emperor, he must have made this happen, with one of his infamous, unconstitutional decrees, like DACA.  Had to be, right?  Cuz as he infamously put it, "You didn't make that!"  Meaning that in his insane world-view, private business is powerless and can't do anything without government help.

Yeah, right.

But in fact the oilmen didn't get massive government (i.e. taxpayer-) subsidies.  In fact they didn't get so much as a single dollar.  No pencil-neck government bureaucrats--Hahvahd grads--issued decrees on what approach was to be used, or what crony-connected company would win massive, lucrative wasteful government contracts.  (Google "Solyndra" to see how Obama did it--if the communists at google haven't scrubbed it.)

The entire technology and development was funded with private risk-dollars.

This is one of the hundreds of reasons why free markets and capitalism kick socialist ass.

Remember this the next time some socialist asshole tries to tell you that we need government-run health care.  It's a disaster.  But Nancy and Chuck and Kamala Harris (God forbid) and Lieawatha (the idiot senator from Massachusetts who lied about being native American to get hired as a "minority faculty member" at Hahvahd) will keep pushing for the gruberment to take over all health care.

It'll work just as well as Obamacare has.

So let's hear from the idiot emperor himself, who ridiculed the idea that drilling would help.  Yes, ridiculed.  Said the idea to drill for more energy was stupid.  (This would be in response to Sarah Palin's slogan "Drill, baby, drill.")  Of course if you're a college student you can't possibly believe the man touted by the Lying Media as the smartest guy ever to be presidennt would say that, right?  Well take a look:

Didja hear the idiots in the college audience (U. of Miami) applaud his contemptuous, deprecating, ridiculing lines?  If not, go back and listen again.

He certainly knew his audience.  But he's still a socialist idiot.

Let him who has ears, hear.

A minor incident in Maryland last November

Last November the guy in the pic below got off a bus in Maryland and started relieving himself on the sidewalk, in front of numerous people.

For some reason one resident of that state thought this was unacceptable, and told him to use a public restroom.

The guy in the pic responded by grabbing a "box-cutter" from his backpack and slashing the resident numerous times on face, neck and stomach.

Remember, this happened last November--over two months ago.  The story was barely mentioned.

Now, finally, we get the rest of the story:  It was finally reported that the slasher is an illegal alien.

This minor, trivial detail wasn't reported at the time because Maryland is...wait for it...a "sanctuary state."  So the "trivial" fact wouldn't have helped the Narrative.  So obviously the Democrat-supporting media didn't report it. 

And they still haven't.  We're only finding this out now because some newbie TV guy who didn't know the rules used Twitter.  Meaning his superiors at the station didn't have a chance to block him.

Now, citizen, you need to understand that in the slasher's s***hole country men routinely relieve themselves on the sidewalk around women and kids, and no one considers it unusual.  (Hence the very accurate term "s***hole.")  And if some gringo tourist was so stupid as to suggest that a guy relieving himself on the sidewalk use a bathroom, pulling out a boxcutter and slashing the foreigner would be perfectly understandable and normal.

So you need to understand, citizen, that it's totally insensitive of you to fail to be tolerant of this man's culture.  Because all cultures are equally valid, see?  You need learn to be tolerant, citizen, instead of being...well, provincial.  Unsophisticated.  You don't want to look unsophisticated, right?

Those of us who are...more sophisticated--those of us who live in big, cosmopolitan, world-class cities instead of your bumpkin towns--would never be so unsophisticated as to call out this man's behavior.  Because...we're sophisticated.  You need to be more like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who would never be so crude as to criticize this fellow.  Because they know that all cultures and customs are equally valid. 

Get with the program, citizen.  Illegals are wonderful.  As Nancy Pelosi said two days ago, we should be grateful to their parents for bringing them here illegally.  And that "We owe them a debt."

Vote Democrat.  Vote for amnesty and open borders.  Show the world you're sophisticated instead of a rube.

Democrat senate leader Chuck Schumer on the Dem game plan

Ever wonder why the Democrats are so gung-ho to give amnesty to illegals, and push for "open borders"? Here's Democrat senator Chuck Schumer to answer your question:

Obama: "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

If you're a college sophomore (just for example), you were 11 years old when Obozo--the guy the media revered as an emperor--uttered the lines below. 

You never heard a word about him saying this, did ya.

You might wanna ask why the NY Times and WaPo and NBC and ABC and CBS never told you about this--never broadcast the video of him saying it.  Cuz the answer to that question will tell you that the Lying Mainstream Media is exactly that:  They lie to cover for Democrats, and to try to destroy Republicans.

Can you imagine the endless SCREAMS from the Lying Media and scum Pelosi and Chuck Schumer if president Trump were to say this?  They'd NEVER stop screaming about it.

For 8 long years the Lying Media constantly claimed this asshole was a great promoter of unity and racial healing.  Does this sound like a unifier to you?  Promoting racial healing?  Bullshit.