Monday, February 19

Thugs intimidate grandmother in St Louis who flew a flag supporting cops

A grandmother who owned of an antique store in St. Louis wanted to show her support for law enforcement, so she flew an American flag with a blue line across the middle on the front of her store.

Punk-ass thugs started protesting almost immediately, threatening her and her customers for her support of cops.

Shortly afterward a note was taped to the front door:
"Pig supporters not welcome.  Flag comes down or YOU go down."
She took the flag down.

Now, with all the evil, communist, BLM-inspired CRAP going on in this once-free country, this shouldn't have bothered me.  But it does.  The cowardly, pencil-neck thugs want to ban any speech they don't like, and any displays of support for the Constitution or cops.  So they pick on...a grandmother.

When the pencil-necks succeed in intimidating a grandmother--who also owns a fixed store that she can't protect around the clock--they get a rush of "Hey, we bad!  We tough!"  And they look for the next target. 

I wish they'd come out in the open and tell some ex-military guys "We don't like you supporting cops, so stop it or we'll beat you up."  Yeah, I'd really like to see how that exchange goes down.

Nations sometimes die by conquest, but more often by revolution or subversion from within. 

Watch the video at the link.  It'll make your blood boil.


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