Friday, February 16

Senate committee passes bill that would cut sentences for violent offenders--seriously

The insanity of the "leaders" of both parties in congress continues unabated.

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send to the full senate a bill almost unbelievably soft on crime.  Highlights:
  • reduces mandatory minimum-sentence laws, such as “three strikes and you’re out,” that were keeping repeat criminals in jail and off the streets;
  • offers early release to federal prisoners convicted of violent crimes;
  • reduces sentences for "juveniles" already serving time in federal prison for the most-violent crimes (often MS-13 members)
  • reduces the mandatory minimum sentence for those who use firearms in violent crimes
  • allows judges to seal and expunge criminal records for many juveniles;
Ironically, many of those who voted for this bill are the same creeps pushing broad gun control measures on innocent law-abiding citizens.  In other words, tough on law-abiding citizens. easy on violent criminals.  Wow, what geniuses!

Some of the most strident, shrieking pushers of gun control in the Democrat party-- Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Kamala Harris-- voted to release convicted gun felons.  What geniuses!  And what screamin' hypocrites!  Tough on know.

The Lying Media is already hard at work selling this bill as “criminal justice reform.”  The claim is that there are "too many people in prison, particularly, non-violent offenders."  First, I'm pretty sure no schmuck is in federal prison for mere possession of small amounts of weed with no intent to distribute.  So by "non-violent offenders" the Dems mean people convicted of selling drugs.

Wait, I thought there was, say, an "opioid epidemic" killing tens of thousands of Americans every year!  That was so awful that "60 minutes" even did a story on it.  So how doya think those thousands of Americans get hold of illegal opioids?  Wild guess is that for all but a couple of PhD chemists, they bought the stuff from...wait for it...a seller. 

So do we wanna do something about that huge annual death toll, or not?

Dems apparently think it's just fine to let sellers out after a few months, and hope the opioid users will take up sailing or something.  In other words, they're being hypocrites.

This is my shocked face.

Another thing about the "too many people in prison" claim is that a whopping 32 percent of those inmates are non-citizens.  So we should start by deporting all criminal aliens, and telling them in very plain language that if they come back after deportation they'll be executed.  (I know, that would require a law the Dems wouldn't consider voting for, so we have to just make it hard as hell to waltz in.  Like, maybe, a wall or something.)

It's worth noting that almost all those who voted for this bill also support open borders.

It's also worth noting that nothing in this bill demands that all of the criminal aliens released would be deported.  So an MS-13 member who was convicted of murder could be let out on the streets at the stroke of a pen from a liberal judge, and still stay in the U.S.

Senator Ted Cruz devised a clever way to show the blatant falseness of the claim by Dems on the committee that the bill would only release nonviolent offenders:  He proposed an amendment that would bar violent felons from any reduction in sentence.  It was defeated 16-5.

Attorney-general Sessions wrote to the committee categorically rejecting the premise of this bill. Sessions noted that we are in the midst of the worst drug crisis in history and crime rates and drug deaths have been rising, at the same time that sentencing has already been diminished on a federal and state level.

As is self-evident from the past few decades, most of those convicted of drug trafficking on a federal level are involved in other violent crimes, but are often only convicted on drug charges.

It’s fitting in a perverse way for the Senate to vote for jailbreak at the same time they are voting for amnesty for illegals. Both issues have aggressive bipartisan support among the elites, but few people outside of the D.C. policy circles believe this nonsense. In fact, Chuck Grassley himself admitted that they didn’t vote on this bill outside of committee in 2015 because 5-6 members would have been at risk losing their seats for Willie Horton-style legislation.

As late as March 10, 2015, Grassley delivered a floor speech agreeing with Jeff Sessions every premise of the bill’s flaws. He even identified the toxic source of jailbreak – “the leniency industrial complex” – in his own words. Then six months later he flipped, and voted for the bill.

Maybe someone should ask RINO Grassley why he suddenly did a total reversal of his earlier position.

BTW, the media--the "leniency comlex"--are absolutely pushing this bill.  I've read several of their reports on it, and without exception they avoid any mention that the bill would put violent criminals on the street long before their normal release date.  In fact most stories are quite short and just push the idea that "we need to reduce prison population."  So read a few pages of the bill (link at the top) and see if you think the bill does the things noted above.  I think it's a disaster.  And I think it's not beyond the Dems to pass this just to cause crime to increase, which they will then blame on...Trump.


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