Tuesday, February 27

School administrators decree that *some* athletes can compete while taking steroids


A few years ago we used to constantly hear that athletes weren't allowed to use "steroids," because it gave 'em an unfair advantage.  The idea, as I recall, was that if 'roids were allowed it would trigger a "race to the bottom" with competitors taking ever-larger amounts of the stuff to win.

Yeah, that would be bad.  Glad it was banned.

Oh, wait... Turns out some athletes are more equal than others, and are allowed to take male steroids-- testosterone--while competing.

Wow!  What sane group of adults would allow that?  And who would they make such a goofy exception for?

Do you even have to ask?  The crazy morons running Texas' highschool athletics have decided it's just ducky for a transgender wrestler--a female changing-to-male--to compete against "normal" girls despite taking testosterone.  And not surprisingly, the girl taking T won her weight class.

Would the adults running the competition have been okay if a male had wanted to compete while taking testosterone?  Of course not.  But transgenders have now been granted Snowflake status by the Leftists who run all our schools, and are now exempt from the rules that bind "normal" people. So we get this insane ruling and result.

Someone needs to get some common sense and start making rational decisions, and damned quick.


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