Saturday, February 24

Liberal: More school cops will just target more "vulnerable students." What???

Liberals are masters of propaganda. And as Exhibit-A I present Rebecca Klein, of the cesspool Huffington Post, as copied by another cesspool of liberal scum, Yahoo News.

(BTW, the Yahoo link will play a scary audio about something gonna eat your computer.  Typical.)

In the wake of the Florida shooting many parents have called for more security officers at schools. So here's how lib Klein responds:
There’s scant evidence that more cops and security guards on campus actually stop school shootings.
Really, Rebecca?  Tell us, How many school shootings have happened at schools where the staff was armed?

But it gets better:
There’s an abundance of evidence suggesting that more school security means more vulnerable students getting funneled at an early age into the criminal justice system.
Well if you consider thugs, assailants, rapists and drug dealers "vulnerable" then I guess you've got a point. 
Black children are already more likely to get arrested at school. In 2012, black children represented only 16 percent of school-aged children, but 31 percent of those arrested.
Oh my yes!  It's awful!  Those awful, raaacis' teachers order cops to *arrest* those sweet, innocent, "vulnerable" 19-year-old black students for...nothing at all!  Yes, the courts are absolutely full of black students whose only offense was passing notes in class, or turning in incomplete assignments!
And when more cops are in school, these arrests are more likely to take place, even for minor misbehaviors.
Oh my yes!  As just noted in the above 'graf, school cops are notorious for arresting black students for, uh...being late to class.  Not having a hall pass.  Wearing pants too low.  Yeah, you bet.

Spare us, Rebecca.  Your premise--that school cops arrest black students for nothing--is horse-shit.  School cops don't  do jack unless ordered to by the staff--and 99 percent of the staff in public schools are totally, reliably left/liberal.  Any teacher who complains about totally ghastly behavior by blacks in the classroom wouldn't have their "teaching contract" renewed.  (That's like getting fired, except you can't sue the school cuz you weren't fired, they just "didn't renew your contract."  Companies would like to do that but the courts won't let 'em.  

So teachers with thug students simply keep their mouths shut and await the end of the school year, which will take the thug out of their class.

But of course this doesn't fit the liberal Narrative, which holds that--as Rebecca so predictably claims--schools arrest black students on a whim, instead of for serious offenses.

Did it ever occur to Rebecca or HuffPo or any liberal that just maybe the reason blacks are arrested at a higher rate than their percentage of the school population is that they commit serious offenses at two or three times the rate for other groups?

They can't be unaware of that.  So how can they continue to support the "it's all due to racism" bullshit?

Because the race card still works on liberals.


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