Monday, February 12

Leftist loon: Climate change affects immigration reform, LGBTQ rights, etc.

As those over 30 know, the scam called "climate change" was once called "global warming." 

The wacko Left had to change the name after a series of unusually cold winters started to make Americans think perhaps the planet's climate wasn't warming after all.  Because personal experience--in this case freezing your ass off for months--is usually a pretty effective teacher.

Well, unless you're a socialist/Democrat/liberal/"progressive," of course.  In which case nothing is an effective teacher.

Now a leftist female "activist" warns us that the updated/renamed threat of "climate change" is about far more than just the planet's climate.  Instead it supposedly drives or controls such unexpected things as "transgender justice," racism and immigration reform.

Really.  I'm serious.  Writing in the leftist rag The Nation, female activist Leehi Yona wails that so-called "climate change"--and remember, for years it was called global warming--actually has a huge impact on...immigration reform, LGBTQIA+ rights, and religious freedom??

Yes, she claims those things.

And naturally all the wailing and angst is caused by...wait for it...President Trump.

Oh, of course.  We should have guessed.

According to Yona his appointment of a string of “climate-change deniers” to key positions in his administration, his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and what she claims is his “assault on public lands,” shows her (and by extension all enlightened beings) that “Trump’s policy is nothing short of...climate destruction.

During the past summer Yona writes, “I couldn’t think about wildfires breaking across the continent without thinking about trans rights. I couldn’t think about Hurricane Irma without thinking about DACA.  Climate change isn’t just about the planet. It’s about justice: racial, social, socioeconomic, reproductive, and environmental."  And don't forget "religious freedom."

I'd ask how she claims religious freedom is linked to climate change but it'd be a waste of my time.

And these people want to run the country.  Heaven help us.


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