Wednesday, November 23

Occupy Wall Street: goofy socialists, and Dems love 'em

Don't know what I can say about the "Occupy" movement that hasn't already been written: Bunch of spoiled, socialist whiners, agitating for "free" "government" handouts--which in fact are paid for by you and me.

You think you're *entitled* to free college tuition? You have the gall to claim a free ride in college is a "basic human right"? to put this? Oh yeah: Kiss my ass.

You think it's the government's responsibility to create a job for ya? And not just a minimum-wage job, but one paying *way* above that, commensurate with your estimate of your fabulous skill level, eh?

I say again: Kiss my ass.

Do you think government creates most jobs (or at least the worthwhile ones)? In that case, extrapolate your...uh...'novel' model to the whole economy: If everyone gets a paycheck from the government, who pays the taxes to fund the whole deal? Oh, I forgot: government employees pay taxes too, so it should all work out, right?

But wait...If *everyone* gets a gubmint check, wouldn't everyone have to pay all they earn in taxes to keep things rolling? Otherwise how would you fund it?

Oh, right, I hear you: Years of Democrat/socialist bullshit have taught you that government can constantly run huge deficits. Unlike a private company, gummint doesn't have to make a profit, or even break even. So problem solved, right?

Except...take a look at Greece, for starters. Even a nation can't keep borrowing forever without repayment, any more than you can.

If you think that's wrong, try asking a bank for a loan after you've ruined your credit, declared bankruptcy, maxed your credit cards and so forth. Let us know how well that works for ya'.

Unless, of course, you're "politically connected"--like the execs at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or Solyndra. In that case you can award yourself millions in unearned "bonuses" by cooking the books to make it look like you met an awesome goal.

You prolly didn't know, but cooking the books to award yourself a huge bonus used to be a criminal offense. (Still is if you're a conservative.)

I'm also astonished that so many seemingly mainstream Democrats support the crazy goals of the OWS crowd--like "Destroy Capitalism" and so on. Seems to me this shows the fundamental ethical bankruptcy of the Dem/lib/"prog" crowd, but that's probably just my old-school bias.

Well, I've ranted enough for now. Happy Thanksgiving to all.