Saturday, February 24

New commie president of South Africa promises to seize more white-owned farms

South Africa swore in a new president last week and Cyril Ramaphosa, has promised to "accelerate land redistribution"--which is commie-code for seizing land from white owners and giving it to blacks.
Of course this prospect doesn't cause U.S. liberals and Democrats and socialists to so much as raise an eyebrow, because our own government does this all the time.  It's called "eminent domain."  So if the South African government wants to do the same thing, who cares, right? 
Oh wait...Ramaphosa plans to simply seize successful white-owned farms--a process delicately called "expropriation"--without any compensation.
But Ramaphosa reassuringly promised that these "expropriation operations" won't be a “smash and grab” exercise but will be "handled properly."

Ah, this must be a new, communist definition of "properly."

During a speech to the laughable, rubber-stamp parliament the bastard added that people
...must see this process as an opportunity.  No-one is saying that land must be taken away from our people.  Rather, it is how we can make sure that our people have equitable access to land and security of tenure. 
We must see this process of accelerated land redistribution as an opportunity and not as a threat,” 
We will handle it with responsibility. We will handle it in a way that will not damage our economy, that is not going to damage agricultural production.  In dealing with this complex matter [we will not]make the mistakes that others have made.
Cyril Ramaphosa, new president of South Africa

Ah.  "We must see this as an opportunity, not as a threat."  This is pure communist gobble-speak, on a par with "We Democrats will give you free health insurance."  It's utter horse-shit.  All of it.

Oh, and that wunnerful, reassuring bit of horse-shit at the end?  The line about "We will handle it in a way that will not damage our economy"?   As anyone from Africa with an IQ near room temp knows, exactly the same insane policy of seizing farms from successful, long-term farmers and giving it to blacks--what the communists call "redistribution "--was imposed by the communist president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Thousands of white farmers were forced from their lands.

That country had long been the "bread basket" of Africa, exporting food.  But as the farm seizures increased, people learned (to their everlasting regret) that novice farmers (the new black "tenants) weren't very good at growing food.  With the experienced white farmers driven off their farms, fFood production plummeted, and Zimbabwe’s economy suffered massively.

Hey, no problem, mon. We jus' hafta seize more, den everyt'ing work, see?  And sure enough, in 2016 Mugabe ordered that all foreign companies would have to either sell the company to blacks or  else merely give 51 percent of their shares to blacks, or the government would seize the company.

One wonders if anyone in that country actually believe this "plan" will work better than the awful disaster of seizing white-owned farms.

But maybe I shouldn't criticize the morons of South Africa and Zimbabwe, since the leaders of the Democrat party right here at home decided that taking over all health insurance--and making working Americans pay for health "insurance" for illegals--would work way, WAY better than letting that icky ol' "free market" thingy handle things. 

How'd that work out for ya, voters?  Oh yeah, that's right:  It got your messiah, the emperor, elected to a second term.  So at least half the voters are just as gullible and greedy as black Africans.

"We'll give you free stuff!" is a siren song.  And whether sung by communists or Democrats, it always has lots of fans.

Okay, and here's the topper:  You will never guess what organization posted the above article.  Fox?  The Wall Street Journal?  Forbes?  Nope.  It was posted by the folks at...Russia Today.  Seriously.

One wonders whether they've seen the light, or if they're really unaware that "expropriation" and "redistribution" are standard buzzwords for communist looters.


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