Tuesday, February 13

Obama's official portrait is an unintended summary of his cluster-f*** reign

Barack Hussein Obama-- a Muslim socialist who claimed he was a "foreign student" (by definition someone NOT born in the U.S.) in order to get free money for college --was a disaster as president.  And sometimes karma has a way of getting back at assholes like Hussein in...interesting ways.

Latest example:  Recently the emperor sat for his official portrait, which they say is supposed to hang in the Smithsonian.  It shows the emperor in front of a hedge or something.  With apologies, here it is:

Wow, that is so...presidential!  The ivy growing over his feet is so...presidential!  His arms regally crossed across his imperial lap, strong hands showing his magnificent strength of char...Wait, is there something strange here (other than a self-proclaimed "foreign-student" as president)?

Drape your left arm over your knee. Is your left thumb toward you, or away from you?

Looks like the artist captured something we never noticed:  If his left thumb is toward his body, the sonofabitch has six fingers on his left hand.

Just kidding, and I'm sure the artist will correct this immediately, but what a picture-perfect summary of the emperor's 8 years of ghastly, race-baiting, divisive, negative, America-degrading misrule!

Hat tip to Leslie Ann Dowd for her sharp eye.


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