Sunday, February 11

ABC ran a long anti-Trump piece when it broadcast the Grammies.

ABC is an American television network.  They hosted a broadcast of a thing called the "grammies," which is ostensibly an award show for the music industry.

One of the so-called "comedy bits" on that show was a fake tryout for someone to read passages from a virulently, salaciously anti-Trump book.  The network's producers got a dozen or so Hollywood or music stars to read some of the most slanderous things you can imagine.

Is there anyone on the planet who thinks the same network would have ever attacked a Democrat president this way?  If not, I think we just settled the question of whether the Lying Media is biased against Trump and every Republican.  Not that this was ever in doubt, but the Lying Democrats keep wailing that the media is biased FOR Republicans.

Utter horse-shit, of course.  As the clip below shows:


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