Saturday, February 10

Five reasons why Russia would MUCH rather have helped Hilliary win, not Trump

I've about had enough of the idiots who claim that Russia (=Putin) would have done anything to help Trump win the presidency.  This is so absurd as to be ludicrous.  Some reasons:

1. Trump had signalled that he would be all for opening more government land--including offshore on both coasts--for drilling.  Russia's biggest foreign-exchange earner--by FAR--is exported oil.  If U.S. production increases, world prices either fall or don't rise.  Either way, Russia would stand to lose billions if Trump was elected.

2.  Trump gave every signal that he would be a hard-ass on foreign policy.  "America first!", right?  By huge, glaring contrast, Hilliary would have continued in the "Obama style" of foreign policy: don't do anything to piss off Russia or China, but let them do anything they want.  That was Obama's policy to a T, and it even extended to Russia's client states, as in Obozo's infamous "red line" regarding how the U.S. would regard use of chemical weapons by Syrian dictator Assad against Syrian rebel civilians.  Obozo said if Assad used such weapons that would be a "red line," a "game changer."  Assad promptly used those weapons, and Obama did nothing--no strikes, no sanctions.  So again, Russia would far, far have preferred Hilliary to Trump.

3.  Trump signalled that he was for a strong military.  He pledged his strong support for the armed forces.  By strong contrast, Hilliary has always hated the military.  If you were the Russian head of state, which candidate would you rather see elected?

4. Open borders weaken a country, for hundreds of reasons.  Hilliary favored open borders, and supported Obama's amnesty for illegals.  Trump promised to build a wall and end amnesty for illegals.  If you were Putin, you'd have to realize that Hilliary would weaken the U.S., thus would be a better choice for Russian interests.

5.  Obama succeeded in forcing the U.S. military to allow open homosexuals and transgenders to serve--a policy guaranteed to reduce morale among the troops and cost millions of dollars (free sex-change ops for trannies).  By contrast, Trump opposed both.  If you were Putin, who would you rather see win the presidency?

So next time some liberal asshole in your family starts in with that "Trump colluded with Russia" bullshit, go down the list of the above points and see how they respond.


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