Monday, November 12

Lying Media lies again, always to help Democrats, part #856,976

Wanna see how brazenly your so-called "elites" in the Lying Media lie to protect Democrats?

Brenda Snipes is "Supervisor of Elections" for Broward County, Florida.  Florida law requires all county supervisors to submit their county vote totals to the state office 30 minutes after the polls close.  All counties except Broward and Miami-Dade complied.

Now, a full SIX DAYS after the election, Snipes still doesn't have the totals for votes in her county.

The only reason, one assumes, is that it takes time to produce enough fraudulent ballots to steal the election for the Democrats (who trail in both governor and senate races).

Snipes has a history of legal violations regarding elections.  And in the current election, even though a judge ordered her to produce the total vote numbers of her county two days ago, she has adamantly refused to comply.  Also, she threatened to have news crews filming the corrupt ballot-counting process arrested!

It takes a bit for that to sink in.  "Refused to comply" with a judge's order.  And there's no state statute that says crews can't film in a public office.  She simply ordered them to leave because...why?  Because she didn't want to have anyone accidentally record the vote fraud on camera.

Now, the ghastly prog propagandist Andrea Mitchell has her own show on MSNBC--which I gather is a cable network.  On Monday, Mitchell claimed that Brenda Snipes "is hardly a democratic official.” “We should point out that Brenda a Republican, appointed by former governor, then-Governor Jeb Bush,” said Mitchell. “She’s hardly a Democratic official, or someone doing the bidding of the democratic candidates there.”

Snipes is in fact a Democrat.

Now, an honest network would force Mitchell to correct that on the air, or would have another "elite" talent make the correction in the next segment.  But as you could guess, MSNBC didn't bother to correct the lie.

Like all the Lying Media, MSNBC wants to "poison the well" of public opinion by convincing voters that the bullshit happening in Snipes' office "couldn't possibly be fraud, because she's a republican!" Clever.  Cunning.

"Death by Democrat"--thanks to sanctuary cities and states. And Democrat officials.

Here's another story you will NEVER see on your TV, nor read about in any Dem-owned paper:

A Mexican national charged with killing three people in Missouri in early November was released from a New Jersey county jail in 2017, despite being the subject an active immigration detention request, federal authorities said Friday.

In Missouri one Luis Perez, 23, was arrested for murdering two former roommates on Nov. 1.

Then just a day later Perez allegedly shot and killed a woman who had accompanied him to the first two murders.

Perez--a Mexican national--only recently arrived in Missouri, and no one in the state police or state government would say whether he was in the U.S. legally.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed Perez was an illegal alien and that they'd issued a "detainer" asking any state agency that jailed him to notify ICE before releasing him so they could pick him up.  And here's the kicker: 

Perez had been arrested in Middlesex County, New Jersey last December.  But last February New Jersey officials released him despite the "detainer" request, allowing him to vanish instead of being picked up by the feds and deported.

They released him because New Jersey is a so-called "sanctuary state," meaning they refuse to cooperate with ICE on detainer requests, instead preferring to release illegal alien invaders and let them disappear into the vast illegal community, in which they are effectively invisible.

Now:  Until you read this, you hadn't heard a word about it.  Nor would you ever have--because it hurts The Narrative--the propaganda pushed by the Democrats that open borders are absolutely wonderful, and that illegals commit fewer crimes than U.S. citizens.

It's utter crap, of course, which is why the Lying Mainstream Media has to lie about it.  Cuz if voters had even a faint idea of the truth the Dems would lose millions of votes.

Wow, can't have that, eh citizen?

Vote fraud in Florida and Arizona?

A thought about military service the day after Veterans' Day

A day after Veterans' Day I've been thinking about how much the "dominant ethos" of our nation--as indicated by the votes of a majority of citizens and the "elites" who determine what news and culture trends will be deemed hip and cool--has changed since WW2.

One think seems to me to be pretty certain: I suspect fewer young men still believe this nation is worth defending with their lives.  The dominant party (in votes; if you're confused, that would be the Democrats) has declared that they're determined to a) open our borders to anyone; b) to bring us to socialism; c) to teach your children that the U.S. is and has always been, from its founding, intrinsically evil; d) that all whites are raaaacist; e) that homosexuality is great; f) that our military must not only allow people who don't know what sex they are to join, but must use scarce defense appropriations to pay for them to get sex-change operations; and a dozen other things.

It would never, ever occur to any of the so-called "elites" to wonder what effect this might have on the willingness of young men to put their lives on the line to defend this country.  For starters, the "elites" believe there are no threats to this nation except for "nationalism"--a phrase they routinely use to bludgeon the president.  All the lessons of history say that view is moronic, but everything I see every day says that the "elites" have never, and will never, learn anything from history.

One tiny exit fact:  Fakebook closes the accounts of conservatives for the tiniest "thought crime," but refuses to close any of the scores of accounts started by "Antifa"--which is a known-violent organization.  Fakebook protects those accounts because they like what Antifa is doing.

Friday, November 9

Let's name a new Navy ship after...war hero? Nah, let's name it for a gay San Fran supervisor

Years ago--before the U.S. was taken over by crazy Democrats--Navy ships were named after famous naval battles, or states, or cities, or war heroes.

That was then--back in the dark ages, apparently.  Today our "leaders" are much more...sophisticated.  Nuanced.  And the Lying Mainstream Media is totally thrilled.

If you wanna see how much the elites running this country have changed since 2000 or so, in 2016 Obama's Secretary of the Navy announced he was planning to name a new navy ship to honor a homosexual former San Francisco "supervisor" (they run the city), Harvey Milk.

If the people of San Fran want to have the whole place run by homosexuals, that's their call.  But can you imagine how the leaders of Russia and China and other international rivals must have laughed themselves silly when they learned about this?

The fate of a horse in Venezuela--"Miss Congeniality"--shows the results of socialism to those who can see

The midterm election is history, and while Republicans held the senate, anti-capitalism, pro-socialist Democrats took control of the House.  This happened because today in the U.S., by a small majority, voters support the seductive lures offered by the rat-bastard Democrats and socialists:  Open borders, higher taxes, banning private citizens from owning guns, offering more "free stuff" (hint: ain't nothin' free), sanctuary cities and states, forcing taxpayers to pay for sex-change operations--the damn list is endless.

I'll post more about the election results later.  But for now, if you're under the age of 30 or so I'd like to show you something about socialism, and what adopting it would mean for you and your children:

The story below is from the Miami Herald.  You won't hear a word about on any of the alphabet networks, nor read a word about it in the NYSlimes or the WaPo.  Then only reason the Herald ran it is that tens of thousands of people from South America live in Miami, so stories about Venezuela are considered "local interest."
Rafael Toro, a student at Venezuela’s top veterinary school, suspected something was wrong when a beloved horse called Miss Congeniality didn’t greet him at the fence one recent morning along with others in the campus’ small herd.

During the night, thieves had slaughtered the bright-eyed bay mare for her meat — either to sell or to feed their hungry families.

“I burst into tears,” said Toro, who delivered the grim news to other students. “We came here, and together we all cried.”

The slaughter has become common across Venezuela, as the once-wealthy oil nation’s economy continues its collapse and sky-high inflation leaves residents struggling to afford scarce food.  Not surprisingly, the crime rate is soaring--inflicting a huge toll on animals.  Ranchers across the country say thieves are slaughtering their livestock.

Professors on campus at Central University of Venezuela in Maracay complain that thieves steal air conditioners and electrical wiring. 

The same thing has been happening in Chicago and other large Democrat-run sh*thole cities for years.  Oh wait, you never heard that?  Wow, I can't imagine how you missed that.
The university reports each case but no one is ever arrested.  The university's security guards walked off the job, leaving the campus an open target.

Read more here:
Ranchers across the country complain their livestock herds are meeting the same fate. There are media reports of small groups of men caught smuggling stolen horse meat — accompanied by gory pictures of dismembered horses.
Professors on campus at Central University of Venezuela in Maracay complain that thieves have walked off with air conditioners and electrical wires, forcing them to teach in dark classrooms with sweat running down their backs.
But in a new low, bandits have turned their attention to slaughtering horses and cattle vital to training the South American nation’s next generation of veterinarians.
The meat from a full-grown horse could fetch roughly $1,400 at market, based on the equivalent prices of Venezuelan beef, making it a lucrative venture in a country where a worker’s monthly minimum wage is under $10 at the widely-used black market rate.
Months before Miss Congeniality’s demise, crooks slaughtered two horses donated to the university and that were temporarily quarantined at a nearby pasture, Toro said. Since late 2016, seven cows — including a prized bull at the center of the school’s breeding program — have fallen prey to overnight bandits sneaking onto campus.
“A loss like that is pretty expensive,” said professor Daniel Vargas, who oversees the university’s cattle program.
Venezuelans have traditionally been repulsed by the thought of eating horse meat, making recent developments here especially puzzling, say professors, who suspect customers are buying horse meat at their local butcher thinking it is beef.
The faculty reports each case, but police have yet to arrest any suspects. The school’s budget has been frozen for over a decade, leading security guards to walk off the job and leave the campus an open target, university officials said.
“It could be an inside job, or someone from outside,” said Isis Vivas, dean of the veterinary school. “Anything is possible.”
Toro, a lifelong animal lover who plans to graduate next year, believes Miss Congeniality was singled out from the small heard of five horses. She was four years old, plump and in the prime of life.
Amid the tragic loss, he safeguards her skull so future generations of students can continue to learn from her, such as gauging a horse’s age by examining the teeth.

Read more here:
Just 20 years ago Venezuela had the highest per-capita income in all of South America.  Then a power-hungry socialist thug offered the people "free stuff"--and a bare majority of stupid, uneducated, gullible voters bit, electing the guy.  He imposed socialism, and things started going downhill right away.

The recent US. election shows that a majority of voters support Dem candidates who promise them socialism and free stuff--just as Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela.  Now everyone not in the government down there is starving.  The country has rolling blackouts, water is intermittent, hospitals have no medical supplies or disinfectant.  It's hell.

This is the system Democrats want to impose here.  They don't want the same result, of course.  And they're dumb enough to believe they can get prosperity from the same system that's trashed every country where it's been tried.  Worse yet, the fools who want to impose this system cannot...I repeat, taught by the hard lessons of other countries.  Cuz Democrats here are, like, really smaht, y'know?  They know they're smarter than ordinary folks--and especially vastly smarter than ordinary, hard-working Americans--whom they call "deplorables."

Dems are a slight majority, which means we're heading for Socialism.  Trump simply delayed the arrival date by a couple of years.

Read more here:

Monday, November 5

University "diversity provost" sends email to all students urging them to oppose Trump's policies

A week before the election an official at the University of Louisville--paid an outrageously high salary as the "diversity administrator"-- used her position to send an email to all students urging them to oppose several of President Trump’s policies.

Mordean Taylor-Archer, "vice provost for diversity and international affairs, " sent an email to the campus community encouraging students to “join the fight against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, ethnocentrism…” 

She wrote that students should oppose “the proposed policy that would define gender at birth, acts that separate immigrant children from their parents, and the deployment of the military to stop immigrants who traveled thousands of miles to seek freedom and opportunities from entering this country.”

In an email the following day, Taylor-Archer issued a non-apology, not apologizing for sending the email but saying she "regretted if the university appeared it was taking a political stance."

She knew exactly what she was doing, and is unrepentant.  Cuz in the U.S. today, university professors and officials can abuse their positions to make brazenly pro-liberal statements and not have to worry about any consequences.  Cuz university employees can be partisan and paid by the public--as long as they're pro-liberal, pro-Democrat, pro-socialist.

Doesn't work the other way, of course:  Imagine the screams from Democrats if a conservative college administrator had sent an email to all students urging them to oppose Obozo's policies!  The sender would have been fired within a day or two.

These damn double-standards got old years ago, yet nothing has changed.

Mordean Taylor-Archer, "diversity provost"