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U. of Missouri continues to bleed students and cash after 2015 protests rocked the campus

If you're a college student, 2015 is, like, a century ago.  And unless you're a political junkie you probably didn't hear about the anti-white protests at the University of Missouri that year that caused utter chaos on that campus.

The cause wasn't police violence.  No one was shot.  Basically, black students were angry that Mizzou didn't have more courses in African studies, and there were threats of violence.  One student went on a hunger strike that lasted an entire week.  Naturally that made national news, which fired up the activists to increase their demands.

And they did, demanding that both the school's president and chancellor resign.  And both did.

White social justice warriors helped the demonstrators.   The creature with the glasses in the pic below is Melissa Click, who was some type of journalism professor.  When she saw a student photographer working as a stringer for a national paper taking pics, she DEMANDED that he cease.  He said "This is public property.  You have no authority to tell me not to take photos."  She totally freaked out (shocker, since she looks so calm and rational, eh?) and tried to smash his camera.  When she couldn't accomplish that she screamed to the demonstrators "Can we get some muscle over here?"  So the student photographer left.

Short answer: Mizzou hired a "diversity vice president"--huge salary, does nothing useful, since all faculties have been social justice snowflakes for at least 15 years.  And they've been trying to make a "diversity course" a requirement to graduate.  Ah.

But there was also one other effect that absolutely no one could have predicted--well, at least no liberal or academic would have:  Students about to choose a college, who saw what was happening at Mizzou, said "No, don't think I'll apply there."  And parents who were scouting colleges with their kids agreed. 

And can you guess the result?   Between the fall 2015 and 2017 semesters, freshman enrollment dropped 35%, resulting in a drop in tuition income of $29 million.  Even for a state school, that's a serious hit, and the school was forced to cut a few staff positions last year, as well as not re-hiring many non-tenured professors.

"A few" is actually 308.  And last week the school said it will have to eliminate another 185 positions. They've eliminated low-demand courses.

So what we have here should have been a great learning opportunity.  But it's doubtful any of the administrators at Mizzou did, as they're now inventing wild excuses to hide the real reason for the massive drop in enrollment.  As an example, they're now claiming the drop in enrollment is due to "more-aggressive recruiting by universities in adjoining states."  Ah.

Among whites, more deaths than births in 26 states

The NY Times piece at this link is badly written, in the sense that the most significant information is buried far down in it.   What matters isn't the number of states, but how the whole U.S. is doing.  And it turns out white deaths are now exceeding births for the U.S. as a whole for the first time in our history.

That crossing point was actually reached--with very little publicity--two years ago.  But now, just two years later, according to the author of the report “It’s happening a lot faster than we thought.”

One reason is that the median age for Hispanics in the United States is 29--prime childbearing age--compared to a median age of 43 for whites.  And yes, part of that is due to the young age of illegal-alien immigrants.  But another part is the choice of how many children to have, if any.

Most foreigners--especially from relatively primitive nations--have far more children than non-Hispanic Americans do.  More non-Hispanic Americans are either delaying marriage or deciding not to have children, or just one.  Part of this trend seems to be that increasing numbers of men under about 30 have noticed that men who marry run a huge risk of losing everything in a divorce, so choose not to marry.

On the other side, due to a combination of more working women, and the government now providing a safety net for everyone, women don't need to marry to have at least a reasonably good standard of living.  So from the female side too, the impetus to marry--and to have two or more children--is dropping fast.

If you're white and love the country you know and grew up in, the idea of whites becoming a minority--predicted for around 2045--may be unsettling.  By stark contrast, Democrats, socialists, communists, La Raza, and whites fatally afflicted with "white guilt" will cheer this as a great milestone.

And if you doubt that last the comments at the link above.  But don't do it if you have a weak stomach, because they are absolutely hateful.  Ghastly.  Spilling over with anti-white hate.

May God help your children and grandchildren.

ABC lies again, runs graphic saying "Manafort pleads guilty to 5 charges of..."

ABC, like all the nets, hates Trump and is doing its worst to sabotage him.  One of the ways to do that is to convince Americans that people who worked on his campaign are bad.

And if you click this link you'll see one of the infinite number of ways they do that.  While broadcasting a clip of president Trump talking about "this immigration problem," ABC put a large graphic at the bottom of the screen saying "Special report:  Manafort pleads guilty to 5 charges of manslaughter."

"Gosh," says the low-info voter, "Five counts of manslaughter!  Wow, I'm glad the investigators kept after the guy and finally got him to plead guilty!"

Of course Low-Info Voter doesn't ever see or hear ABC's apology.  And two days later he's forgotten about seeing the graphic.  All he remembers is that Trump hired a guy who killed five people.  He can't recall who it was, but he's absolutely sure he saw that somewhere.

Now it's not a shock to learn that people make mistakes.  But consider two things:  First, it's quite a coincidence that ABC aired this particular graphic as the president was speaking.

Second:  That graphic obviously didn't just write itself.  Some shit-head at ABC took the time to type it in, knowing it was total horse-shit.  And then hit the button to display it.

This was not innocent.  They hate Trump and will stop at nothing to get rid of him.  The apology is worthless.

Oprah Winfrey on why she said nothing about Obama doing the same: "I wasn't aware then."

"I wasn't aware then," sez Oprah.  If that's true, do ya know why? Cuz the Lying Mainstream Media didn't say a word.

So do ya think the Lying Media didn't know about the practice?  Of course they knew.  They just didn't want to bring any heat on their hero Obozo.

But now that he's out and a Republican is prez, suddenly it's the most awful thing ever!  Dems are seriously comparing it to the Holocaust.  (Really.  And more than one or two Dems doing that.)


Now before anyone gets their knickers in a twist: I'm an unequivocal fan of legal immigrants, whether from Mexico or anywhere else.  You did it the right way, and good on ya'.  But for the whiners who are here illegally and have the gall to bitch about it...I think the cartoon below is spot-on:


Twatter hides a pic under the warning "May contain sensitive material." You won't believe what it was

Just stumbled on a tweet by a guy named Blair Cottrell titled "Toxic masculinity."

There was a pic, but Twatter had hidden it under their ridiculous snowflake warning, "The following media may contain sensitive material."

Naturally I was curious as to what Twatter had deemed so dangerous or triggering or whatever, so I clicked on "View anyway."

And it was two pics of men doing good things:  One was wading thru floodwaters towing a boat with two rescued children, the other was a man fighting a wildfire.

And I thought:  Holy shit, this is what the Leftist-run social media have come to, putting warnings on pics of men doing good, calling it "sensitive material."

Okay, trigger warning for any snowflakes:  I'm about to unload with both barrels.  So if you're easily triggered, you need to stop reading right here.

Fuck Twatter, and Fakebook, and the Lying Mainstream Media, and Antifa, and all the ghastly socialists in the U.S. government.  Go burn in hell.  Die in a fire.  You are doing your best to destroy this country--and you may well succeed.  But the odds are equal that you will only summon a rain of fire down on your heads.  And not some metaphorical heavenly fire.

So according to Twatter, pics of men doing good are to be hidden behind the warning "Sensitive material."  Amazing.  But predictable.

The Left's playbook summarized in one cartoon

The Left's playbook summarized:


Head of the House Democrat caucus calls ICE a "fascist organization"

For the entire time Trump has been in office, Democrat "leaders" have been fanning the flames of insane anger in their base.  Latest example:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the agency charged with deporting foreigners who are in the U.S. illegally.

In a televised debate, the head of the Democratic caucus--congressman Joe Crowley--confirmed that he'd called ICE a "fascist organization."

The Democrats and the Left are spiraling toward violent acts, just like that leftist nut who tried to kill members of the Republican congressional baseball team, gravely wounding congressman Steve Scalise and three others.

Democrats at all levels--from the leadership down to Hollywood idiots--are gleefully spurring their base to amp up their hate for Trump, and it seems to be getting worse.  It's only a matter of time until another left-wing nut starts shooting.

Obviously nuts are randomly distributed across parties.  The problem here is Democrats deliberately inciting their base by calling federal agencies fascist.  Of course when another nut shoots a Republican congresscritter, or an ICE agent, the Dems will instantly bleat that they NEVER encouraged any follower to commit a violent act.

And sure enough, a fascist named Arielle (@ArielleSwernoff) got on Twatter and laid down her favored tactic:
"Members of ICE should be outed and ostracized. Hassled at restaurants, malls, when they pick their kids up from school, etc. You should not be able to be a part of the machine separating children from their families and clock out for a peaceful evening."
Other leftists suggested surrounding the children of ICE agents at their schools and scaring them with threats.  See a trend yet?

Then after "Democratic Socialist" fascists made enough disruption to cause DHS secretary Nielsen to leave a DC restaurant, someone named Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) picked it up:
DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was confronted at a DC restaurant by DSA protesters and it's VERY satisfying to watch. She should never be able to show her face in public again.
The Left is ramping this up exponentially.  (If you're a highschool student that translates "at warp speed.")

Seattle has a great idea for how to "solve" their drug problem

As the media have been telling us for a year or more, the in the middle of an "opioid crisis."  The media tell you it's caused by doctors too eager to write prescriptions for pain pills, but that's only a tiny factor.

A far bigger factor is heroin and fentanyl, both of which are flooding into this country from Mexico and China.  Both are much cheaper than buying prescription drugs on the street.

Seattle is a liberal-run city with a big drug problem.  So, being liberals (and thus way smarter than those of us in flyover country) they decided to take Action to fix the problem.  The first step was to create a Regional Task Force on opiate addiction.

The Task Force--totally staffed by liberals--studied the problem and concluded that there was nothing really wrong with using heroin.  Rather, the problem was that users sometimes died from an overdose.  And because liberals are very compassionate, they came up with what seemed to them a faaabulous solution:  They recommended that Seattle create a city-run facility where heroin addicts could shoot up under medical supervision.  With nurses and antidotes ready to go, drug addicts could shoot up without fear of overdosing.  Voila.

Seriously, this is what they proposed.

Of course the official documents avoid using the graphic but honest terms "addicts" and "shoot up," instead preferring the euphemisms "users" and "consume narcotics."  Ah, those sound LOTS better, eh citizen?  After all, we're all "consumers" of various products, right?  And if some people want to consume products, who are we to deny them that right, eh?

Well, except for guns, obviously.

Seattle's liberal city council agreed that this was a faaaabulous idea, and voted $1.3 million for the project.  But now the city has hit on what they say is a more cost-effective option: outfitting a small bus as a shooting gallery to enable people to "consume narcotics" safely.

The plan is to park the bus in a leased lot.  But some "consumers" were concerned that only having one location would make it inconvenient for "consumers" to access.   But Jeff Sakuma, a "health integration strategist" in Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office, is confident they can work out any problems.  The point is they've got a solution for the drug problem.

Isn't that cool?  Oh sure, some ol' tight-ass conservatives will complain that this doesn't reduce the problem of how heavy "consumers of narcotics" get enough cash to fund a $200 per day habit, nor does it address the less-than-stellar business practices of drug sellers.  And some right-wing nutjobs are even claiming that operating the bus might even encourage more heroin use.  What a crazy idea!  It just shows you what a crazy fantasy world conservatives live in, eh?

The only substantive complaint about the proposal came from junkies "consumers of narcotics," who said one bus wouldn't be nearly enough to keep all of Seattle's consumers happy.  So the council is working on finding money for a second bus if demand is high.

So remember: Liberals can find solutions for even the toughest problems.  You just have to be smart.  And not listen to any whining from right-wingers.  And vote Democrat in November.

Media imply Trump has lower approval rating than Obama did. Wrong again.

During Obama's reign the lying media constantly told you how wildly popular he was.  Talking heads like Chrissy Matthews said--literally, in these words--that seeing Obama gave him a "tingle up his leg." The media were shameless in their adoration, and that led them to praise him for his popularity.

In other words, because the media liked him, voters must also have been thrilled.

By contrast, the media hate Trump, and 90 percent of the media's stories have been negative.  So of course the media is eager to imply that Trump is unpopular with the public.  It's what their Democrat buddies want the public to believe.

So it may surprise you to learn that the latest Gallup poll shows Trump's approval rating tied with Obama's at this point in the presidency of each.

Tuesday, June 19

"A parent's worst nightmare"

Lately the people pushing for open borders have been getting a lot of press coverage by wailing “What about the children?!?!” as illegal alien invaders have been temporarily separated from kids they claim are their offspring.

Y' know, that's a really good question. What about the children?
Nine days ago, in what is every parent’s nightmare, a family in eastern Pennsylvania awoke in the middle of the night to find their front door unlocked and their four-year-old girl missing.

It happened early on June 10 in Avondale, Chester County, Pa , And now a 35-year-old Mexican national has been charged in the case.

Humberto Guzman-Garcia is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the 4-year-old.

You know what will make things better, citizen?   Open borders, citizen.  Yes, that's exactly what we need.  Things will be much better then.  You can trust us on that, because we're a lot smarter than you are.  Plus, have we ever lied to you before?  So get out in November and vote Democrat.

Because only haters want to control who can enter this country.  You don't want people to think you're you?

NYC high school to allow students to get diploma without showing up for class

The drive toward the erasing all standards in New York City schools just achieved another goal. 

This one goes beyond moonbat mayor Bill de Blasio wanting to eliminate entrance exams for the city's elite public schools.  Now at DeWitt Clinton High School, students can get a passing grade even if they never show up for class:
Insisting that students can pass “regardless of absence,” Principal Pierre Orbe has ordered English, science, social studies and math teachers to give makeup work to hundreds of kids who didn’t show up or failed the courses, whistleblowers said.
Like many NYC schools, this one is heavily "hooded" and has been getting horrible results for the $23,000 per student per year that the city spends.  For example, last year only half of seniors graduated, and almost three-quarters of those who did graduate needed remedial help to enroll in CUNY.

So how to improve graduation numbers?  Simple: Instead of forcing the poor students to actually show up for class, allow students to pass courses by completing — or haveingsomeone else complete — “mastery packets” at home, making cheating easy and inevitable.

Astonishingly, Obama holdovers in the federal Department of "Education" made it federal policy that schools could get away with this, saying students “may not be denied credit based on lack of seat time alone.”   The clear inference is that students who didn't come to class would still be able to pass if they passed some sort of competency test.  But of course since this isn't explicitly demanded, it leaves the door open for schools to get credit for "graduates" who can't spell "cat."

Social justice warriors and moonbat allies won't be happy until all standards have been erased--when the only qualification for having a college degree will be the ability to say the word "college."

The moonbats will joyfully call this "education equity" and will celebrate.

"Scripted outrage"

Shrieks and lies of the "Trump treating children inhumanely" brigade continue

The outrage!  by Democrats over separating children from arrested illegal aliens at the border continues to build, as part of a carefully-orchestrated campaign by the Left and their allies in the  Lying Media.  The tweet below is typical.  (For those not familiar with national politics, Kamala Harris is a U.S. senator from California and a hard-Left Democrat):
Another Democrat senator, this time from Connecticut, compared the policy to the Holocaust (Hitler's Nazi's sending Jews to concentration camps).
Insane bitch Kathy Griffin screamed her anger at (amazingly) innocent First Lady Melania Trump, (calling her "Melanie" as a swipe at the president making a type in a tweet of his own):

Not surprisingly, Hilliary Clinton chimed in, lying that
This is not happening because of the “Democrats’ law,” as the White House has claimed. Separating families is not mandated by law at all. That is an outright lie. And it is incumbent on all of us, journalists and citizens alike, to call it just that. …
Again not surprisingly, Clinton's statement was so weasel-worded as to be a lie:  the policy of arresting illegal aliens who sneak across the border is in accord with U.S. law.  And a ruling by a federal judge several years ago bars the government from putting children in adult prisons.  So the only way the government can avoid separating children from illegal-alien border crossers (who may not even be their parents) is by simply releasing the adults with the children.  Meaning we would have de=facto open borders, which is what the Democrats want.

Even former first lady Laura Bush joined the Dem critics, writing a piece for the Washington Post  attacking the separation policy as if it started under Trump's administration, when in fact it's been U.S. policy under Obama and Bush.

Interestingly, Mrs. Bush never said a word of criticism about the policy during the entire 8 years of Obama's reign, but has criticized Trump often, including women who voted for him.

It's also interesting that in many cases when immigration officials question the so-called parents of the children they claim are their offspring, the adults claiming to be the parents can't answer basic questions about their alleged children, like birthdates.  The kids are similarly ignorant of the details of the people claiming to be their parents.

As one official said, instead of answering the questions, both adults and children spout the same identical, scripted phrases, as if they've been coached.

This won't end well, because the Democrats and the Left and their media allies know they have an emotional issue here.  If they keep wailing and moaning about the "cruel, inhumane" conditions forced on these "poor, unfortunate children," they'll win sympathy and votes.

And of course low-information voters (the Dem base) believe none of this ever happened under Obama--which is flatly false, as demonstrated by the pics from 2014 that unwitting leftists claimed were taken after Trump took office.  It captured the news cycle for two days, but the Dems aren't likely to make that mistake again.

They'll make different ones.   And the media will shriek for two days, then cover for them.

Meanwhile, separating children from their actual parents continues to happen, but this time the blame rests with Obama and Democrats, since the separation is due to illegal aliens separating American kids from their parents permanently, by murdering them.  But the mainstream media isn't a bit interested in telling you about that sort of separation, because it hurts the Democrat narrative.

Illegal-alien invader murders two women; another murder you won't see on your evening news

A week ago a woman was murdered in Miami and her body left on a sidewalk.  Now an illegal alien invader--which the Lying Media charmingly, cunningly call an "undocumented immigrant"--has confessed to murdering both this victim and another woman months earlier.

Juan Carlos Hernandez-Caseres, 37, is facing two first-degree murder charges in the deaths of Ann Farrin, 41, and Neidy Roche, 39, after investigators used DNA evidence to connect him to both killings, the Miami Herald reports.  He confessed to both murders.
 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have placed an immigration detainer on Hernandez-Caseres, meaning Miami cops would notify ICE in the unlikely event they planned to release him.

It's absolutely crucial to note here that in Nueva York and California and all other so-called "sanctuary states" or cities, state or local politicians have ordered their cops to release illegal aliens without notifying ICE of their intent to do so--which allows the illegal alien to vanish back into the general population and commit more crime.

Hell of a deal, eh?

"Sanctuary."  Has a nice ring to it, no?  Gives the listener or reader visions of a poor, innocent victim being sheltered from the cruelty of an eeeeevil power, eh?  So once again...control the labels and you control the emotional battle-space.

The only way the "sanctuary" policy will start to lose trendiness is if a pretty, non-drug-addict daughter of a political "leader" in a "sanctuary" city or state is killed by an illegal.  And the odds of that happening are so close to zero as to be useless.  Not because illegals don't rape thousands of Americans every year, and kill hundreds, but simply because the probability of a victim being the child of a political "leader" is small.

But eventually, ordinary citizens will get tired of this shit.  And will make their anger known, at 1500 fps.

Comey and Loretta Lynch refuse to appear before senate; McCabe appears but refuses to testify

The Constitution--which the Founders apparently considered "the supreme law of the land"--says Congress is supposed to oversee the operation of the federal government.  So the U.S. senate's Judiciary Committee held a hearing on possible illegal acts by Obama's FBI and Department of "Justice" in the year leading up to the last presidential election.

Specifically, the head of the committee wanted to know how the FBI and DOJ decided to clear Hilliary of any wrongdoing regarding her sending and receiving Top Seccret emails to her private, email account on an unsecured server in her New York home.  So the chairman of the committee wanted to subpoena Obama's Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, Obama's FBI director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe to testify.

For young readers, a subpoena is a legal demand that you appear.

Democrat senator Diane Feinstein blocked the committee from issuing a subpoena.  Turns out the senate has a rule that a committee can only issue a subpoena if the ranking minority member agrees with the committee chair.  Feinstein is the ranking Democrat, so was able to block.

With Feinstein blocking a command to appear and testify, all the committee could do was invite the witnesses to appear.

FBI Director James B. Comey and former A-G Loretta Lynch refused to appear.

"But...but...but we're, like, totally transparent, peons!  We dindoo nuffin wrong!  We just don't wanna testify cuz, um...we're busy people.  Got lots more important things to do, eh citizen?  So fuck off."

"But remember, citizens:  we Democrats are all about government being totally transparent!  At least when the Rethuglicans are in charge."

But don't worry, folks:  Fired deputy FBI director McCabe bravely showed up, so we'll learn whatever he's willing to tell us--provided Feinstein and the other Dem members don't spend the whole day blowing smoke.

Ooooh, wait:  McCabe refused to answer any questions, "taking the Fifth" on everything.

But other than that, he was totally forthright and honest.

And by the way, Democrats admit that the rule that says the senate can only subpoena someone to appear if the ranking minority member agrees might...uh...make it harder for the senate to uncover wrongdoing.  They say they're truly aggrieved by this and actually want to eliminate that rule--and will do so as soon as the Democrats regain majority control again.

Oh, and do, do remember to vote Democrat in November, so we can have more blocking and less testimony by guilty, corrupt rat-bastards.

Sunday, June 17

Another baby ripped from the arms of...wait, illegal alien fatally shoots mom, steals her baby

Yesenia Sesmas, 36, is a female illegal-alien.  At one time she lived in Wichita, Kansas, were she met a 27-year-old co-worker, who became pregnant.  Sesmas then moved to Dallas.

On Nov. 17 of 2016, just six days after the former co-worker had her baby, Sesmas drove to Wichita, fatally shot the 27-year-old and took her 6-day-old baby back to Dallas, intending to say the child was hers. 

Last week Sesmas was found guilty of the murder.

Months before the killing Sesmas--who again, was in the country illegally--was arrested for threatening another woman and holding the woman’s two daughters for ransom.  She should have gotten years in prison for the kidnapping, but was mistakenly released from custody because of what was termed a "bureaucratic mix-up."

Now, it takes about six hours to drive from Dallas to Wichita, so Sesmas had lots of time to reconsider her plan.  Obviously she didn't, and now an innocent woman is dead.  And the idiot who released Sesmas from jail should pay some penalty, but won't.

And the morons who didn't check to see if Sesmas was an illegal when she was jailed for the prior kidnapping, because an illegal who commits a felony is immediately deportation-eligible,

Oh wait--this was during the reign of emperor Obama, who ordered ICE not to deport illegal-aliens.  Ah.  Now if there was just some way to keep the crazy illegals out and only let people in who've been thoroughly vetted for sanity and skills.

71% of leftist "comedian's" audience hoping for no peace with Norks to avoid Trump getting credit!

The smug-looking, malevolent creature on the left bills herself as a "comedienne."  Her name is Michelle Wolf, and you may recognize that name because she was the vile, nasty "entertainment" at the White House Press Corps dinner a couple of months ago.

Well you may be amazed to learn that this creature actually has a show on cable TV--on Netflix, the same network that just signed the emperor and his wife to a $100 million deal to produce shows for 'em.  Rumor is the first one will be "How we fundamentally transformed this awful country."

Anyway, Wolf asked her all-leftist audience "Are you sort of hoping we don't get peace with North Korea so you wouldn't have to give Trump credit?"  And as you can see in the pic below, 71 percent of her totally-Left audience said yes.

I'll say it again:  These people are nasty and they hate the America you love.  They'd rather make it look like Zimbabwe, or Venezuela, or...Baltimore.  Charming snakes.

Chuck Schumer tries to sound folksy, calls Korea summit "all cattle, no hat" in prepared speech

Chuck Schumer (D-New York) is arguably what passes for the Democrats' "thinker."  And of course all Dems are now totally deranged that Trump appears to have reached an agreement with Korea's dictator to end his country's nuclear bomb program. 

Certainly the outcome won't be known for some time, but the mere fact that Trump met the guy and he signed an agreement saying he'd de-nuke is driving the Dems crazy.  In the span of one month Trump managed to turn the "crisis" of "OMG!  Trump's threatening talk is causing that poor misunderstood Kim to threaten the U.S. with a nuclear bomb!" to "Okay, let's talk," to "Hey, if you Norks are gonna be nasty, forget the whole thing," to finally, successful summit.  In one month!

So three days after the summit, Schumer gets up in front of the senate and says
The summit was much more show than substance--what the Texans call "all cattle, no hat." 
Of course this caused huge laughter in those of us in the real world, since moron Schumer got the saying totally ass-backwards:  As everyone outside of New York and the metrosexual east coast knows, someone who's blowing smoke is summarized as "all hat, no cattle."

Now, everyone can get in trouble when they try to ad-lib, and if Chuckles had been trying to ad-lib it would be just a normal mistake, like Barack saying "my Muslim faith" on live TV, or saying "I want to visit all 57 states."  But Chuckles was reading from a prepared speech.  Which means he had hours or even a couple of days to wonder whether that phrase seemed a bit...odd.

But it evidently didn't occur to him.  Uh...not right bright, eh?

And to think this dumb son-of-a-bitch is running the Democrat party.  Amazing.  Scary.  And explains SO much!

In the clip below, all the action is in the first 20 seconds.

Tales of heartless ICE agents ripping kids out of mom's arms is a carefully-scripted plot

Has anyone else noticed that we're suddenly seeing almost daily stories about "poor undocumented kids being ripped from the arms of their undocumented parents"?

The Democrats and the Left are screaming their outrage! about these tales of terrible treatment, all of course due to the policies of da eeeebil Trumpf.  It's a lie, of course:  Illegal border crossers have been jailed for years, and we don't put children in adult jails, so the kids are put in their own housing.  This has been going on for many years, including the entire reign of the emperor obama.

The barrage of stories is all a total setup--a dramatic plan scripted by the Dems to win more votes in November.  And the media are pretending this is all a brand new policy just discovered by them, and that it violates immigration law.   It's a coordinated PR plan that the Dems have had on the shelf,  ready to be executed whenever it would have maximum political impact.

The Dems, with the crucial help of fake Republicans (RINOs), are desperate to sabotage Trump, and the best way to do that is for the Dems and RINOs to pass a full-on amnesty bill as soon as possible.  This would put Trump in a no-win bind:  If he signs it, his supporters won't turn out in the massive numbers needed to keep a majority in the House.

But if he doesn't sign it, Dems will have ads all ready to roll wailing pitifully about how the policy of ripping poor kids from the loving arms of...whoever they hooked up with is entirely due to Trump.

Again, that's a flat lie, but of course the Dems' low-information voters will never know.  And the rest of the Dem voters couldn't care less that it's a lie.  Dems think it's fine to do anything as long as you win.

So the constant barrage of tear-jerking stories is designed to pressure squishy Republican congresswhores to vote for Ryan's amnesty bill. 

I hope Trump realizes he's being played.  When everyone who hates you is telling you to do something--in this case to sign the amnesty bill-- it's a sure bet that they're not looking out for your best interests, eh?  They're looking to regain power.  And importing another few million Dem voters while suppressing pro-Trump voters is a hell of a plan, from the Dem standpoint.