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NYT Obamacare supporter: For the most part it has worked as advertised ?!

Adolph Hitler was the first to come up with the concept of The Big Lie.  He theorized that if you told your citizens a "little" lie, they'd be skeptical and would investigate.  But if you told a huge lie--a real whopper--people would actually be more inclined to believe it, simply because no one would think a leader would be SO brazen as to persuade people that such an outrageous lie was true.

The Democrats and Marxists took carefully detailed notes, and have been using this ever since.

For example, on Monday NY Times contributor Paul Krugman wrote an editorial for the Times about Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.  He characterized the Repubs' actions as "dishonest."

In trying to make this point, Krugman discussed former emperor Barack Obama's actions regarding the mandate that every U.S. citizen must either buy goverment-approved health insurance or pay a penalty.  Krugman claimed that the Obama administration was "remarkably clear headed and honest about its policies."

What?  "Honest about its policies"?  Are you kidding?  In trying to quell voters' distrust about his plan, and thus round up the votes of wary Democrat congresswhores to ram his plan into law, the emperor was captured on video over 20 times uttering the infamous like "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  If you like your current [health insurance] plan, you can keep it."

Yet Krugman characterizes this as "remarkably honest."

When religious groups balked at an alleged provision of the draft bill (which no one ever read or was allowed to read, by the way) that would force employers to pay for insurance that would provide the so-called "morning-after pill" to policy-holders, Obama promised that his law would include a "religious exemption" that would honor sincerely-held religious beliefs.

Reassured by Obama's promises, the largest religious organizations dropped their objections, allowing Dem congresscritters to vote for the bill without worrying about angering religious constituents.  And because the Dems then controlled both houses of congress, they were able to pass the bill without a single Republican vote.

But again, Obama lied.  He finessed religious objectors by getting his Democrat congresswhore lackeys to change the wording of the bill to simply ordering that all insurance policies had to provide this to all employees at no cost to the employer.  Thus his supporters--like the outrageous liar Jonathan Gruber (source of the pejorative term "gruberment") could assure religious leftists that indeed, they weren't being forced to pay for the pill, as it was being provided free by all insurers.

Of course economists knew this was a total charade--that anything provided has a cost, whether explicitly broken out or not.  But the charade allowed Catholics to pretend their objections had been honored--allowing their members to vote for the emperor again in 2012.

Krugman had one other whopper about Obamacare, claiming that “it has, for the most part, worked as advertised.”

Really?  Over half the state "exchanges" have gone bankrupt, at a flushed cost of scores of billions of dollars.  While Obama and his lackeys claimed the average family would save $2,500 per year, actual people paying real premiums say their insurance costs far more now than before the law took effect.  Plus they have huge deductibles, meaning the far more expensive insurance doesn't provide any benefit until the policyholder has covered the huge deductible.

Also, many voters saw their premiums increase by 75% or more after the first couple of years, as fewer healthy people signed up for the pricey insurance, figuring they could buy later--at no extra cost--if they were diagnosed with a serious health problem later.

Of course as we all know, anecdotes don't equal "real data," so let's see what the latter show:  In 2013 Forbes estimated that under Obamacare, over the course of eight years, health spending would increase by $7,450 for a family of four.   Link.

If this is what Krugman calls "working as advertised" then he clearly has a different agenda than what the public was told by the Obama administration at the time.

John Gruber, one of the "architects" of Obamacare, infamously called the American people "too stupid to understand" the complexities of the economic implications of the ACA. He admitted to what he cunningly described as a "lack of transparency" during the process of drafting and rounding up the votes to pass Obamacare, saying that was very helpful in getting the bill passed.

The Big Lie.  Works for Dems every time.


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