Sunday, July 30

Portland: Guy with long rap sheet attacks two women; TV station takes 15 'grafs to tell us...

Liberals are nuts just haven't thought through the consequences of the policies they support.  If you're not sure whether you're a liberal, there's a simple, foolproof test below.  If, when you finish reading the test, you're quite calm, you're a liberal.  If you're conservative it should make you very angry.

Portland TV station KPTV reports that a few days ago a man broke into the home of a 65-year-old woman, gagged the victim, tied her up and sexually assaulted her, punching her and slamming her head into the floor.  He took her keys, phone and credit cards and stole her car.

That same evening the same guy accosted a woman in a basement parking garage, saying he wanted to talk.  Realizing this was crap, the woman offered the man money, her phone and laptop but he threatened to kill her and forced her to get into her car at knifepoint,

Before she got in the car the woman hit the panic button on her car key fob.  She then jumped out of the car and tried to flee, but the man tackled her and slammed her head into the ground.  People nearby heard the woman's screams and rushed to help, prompting the man to run away.

While fleeing he broke into a nearby apartment but was caught by police.  He was carrying a 6-inch knife and items stolen from both victims.

The perp has a long history of arrests, including at least one felony conviction, six misdemeanor convictions and multiple parole violations.  He'd also been arrested in March for failure to appear on a trespassing charge and possession of methamphetamine.  But with the classic efficiency of liberal shitholes everywhere, where those guilty of serious crimes are released on bond while those guilty of letting their kids play in the park more than ten feet from Mom are jailed, they let the guy walk.

Okay, so far it's just standard liberal-state dumb-assery.  It isn't until the 15th f'n paragraph that the story gets around to telling us the oh, not-at-all-important facts:  The perp, Sergio Jose Martinez, is an illegal alien who'd been deported 20 times!  Each time he's been "given probation" on the "nth" re-entry.

Martinez' most recent deportation was in November of last year.

Now:  As shown above, he'd been arrested in March.  If the idiots in the government of Oregon hadn't decided not to cooperate with ICE detainers he would have been turned over to ICE in March and possibly thrown in prison instead of simply being deported for the 21st time--which everyone realizes is no deterrent whatsoever.

Wait, it gets worse:  According to ICE officials Martinez was also jailed as of December 7th, 2016.  ICE issued a specific immigration detainer that would normally have required jail officials notify ICE prior to his release so federal agents could take him into their custody.  Instead he was released by Multnomah County officials the next day without providing any notification to ICE.

So thanks to idiot liberal policies of Oregon politicians--trying to get their virtue cards punched--  two women were traumatized, assaulted, battered and robbed.  One was "sexually assaulted."  KPTV didn't say if that was rape--in effect covering for the illegal since "sexual assault" includes a wide variety of lesser offenses.  You have to go to a competing station to find that the 65-year-old victim was sodomized instead.

Frankly, the two victims are lucky to be alive, as the perp had a knife and had threatened to kill.  If not for the incredibly lucky break of people nearby who were willing to get involved, the second victim would probably have been murdered.

So...conservatives have warned--as if it wasn't obvious to anyone with an IQ over 80--that when politicians in liberal cities ordered their cops not to cooperate with federal immigration laws, the inevitable result would be more American victims of heinous, ghastly crimes by illegals.

But since liberals are SOooo much smarter than the rest of us, they didn't listen, and these two women paid the price.

And these two victims of this idiotic policy are FAR from the first ones.  And won't be the last.

Virtually all liberal policies are stupid, stupid, stupid.  They produce awful results.  But they'll keep trying.  Like nationalized health care--which the Democrats cunningly, euphemistically call "single-payer."  Which produces results like baby Charlie Gard, with the f'n hospital refusing to let the baby's parents take him home to die in peace after the hospital insisted there was no chance of his survival.

Oh wait:  Before his latest attacks Martinez had been treated for meth-induced psychosis, and admitted daily use of meth and weekly use of heroin.  So we can expect his court-appointed attorney to argue "diminished capacity" and "did not know right from wrong" and all the other bullshit.  Except Martinez had enough clarity to flee when people came rushing to help.  He knew he was doing wrong.  So F that excuse.

Using illegal drugs, as a matter of law, doesn't excuse crimes.  But in sanctuary cities it's often used as a defense--successfully.  Go figure.


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