Wednesday, August 2

Bad recurring dream

The dream is always the same:  A child of 5 or so, playing in a vacant lot, finds a revolver and picks it up.  I'm too far away to reach the five-year-old, but a group of older kids--maybe age 15 or so--is very close to the 5-year-old.  They watch this and just laugh.

The older kids all have video cameras or cell phones, and start video-ing the five-year-old.  One of the older boys--seemingly the leader--yells at the kid with the gun, "Bet you're too chicken to put that in your mouth and pull the trigger!"  The five-year-old puts the muzzle in his mouth, and all the older boys start chanting "Pull the trigger!  Pull the trigger!"

The five-year-old complies and kills himself.  The older boys smirk and laugh as they walk away.  I hear them start a new chant: "Guns are dangerous!"  Each of their shirts has a different logo on the back but I can't see them clearly.  And I wake up.

Were the boys too stupid to realize that what they were doing by egging on this kid would cause his death?  Or did they know but just not care?  Then I realize the answer to this question doesn't matter a bit to the result:  the five-year-old is just as dead regardless.

What I think it means:  One of the hardest things to watch, or fathom, is gratuitous destruction or cruelty, whether vandals smashing priceless antiquities or shooting innocent animals. Or spurring a five-year-old to shoot himself.

Or destroying a country.

The Left--and their friends in the hilariously-misnamed "Antifa" (misnamed because they are unquestionably the fascists) are working non-stop to destroy the U.S.  Not sure why, and frankly I don't believe it matters, since I'm quite certain they can't be educated.  They are the enemies of civilization.

If they win, civilization is lost.  If we win, and the liberals prevail on us to leave them alive, again civilization is lost--because they have no interest in working but prefer to sit around and get stoned all day and make the rest of us support them--through government command.

Eventually they outnumber the good, hard-working people, and that's the end.


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