Sunday, July 30

French spend millions on facility to rehabilitate jihadists; close it because no clients, but vow...

Aren't liberal policies super, citizen?  They're so elegant, so well thought out, so...brilliant.  So effective.


France had planned to spend $47 million to build a dozen "rehabilitation facilities" designed to help "radicalized" Muslims give up violence.  Maybe that would have been a good idea, except... 

They're now closisng the first and only one after no one signed up to get "deradicalized."

The French government launched its first de-radicalization center last October.  It attracted a grand total of 9 people--all of whom dropped out of the year-long course.  It has been empty since February.

So the program lasted all of 5 months before the government pulled the plug.  Hey, as leftist ideas go that's actually a pretty good learning curve!  Consider that Obamacare will end up costing Americans hundreds of billions before it collapses.

And with the charm and flair that characterize leftist governments everywhere, the French government offered this elegant, well-thought-out conclusion about the woefully bad experiment: “The experiment has not been conclusive.” 

Mmm, I'd say it's been totally conclusive, but that's just me.

And with the classic determination of leftist regimes everywhere to show that by golly they were absolutely, totally right after all!, the government added that despite this allegedly "inconclusive" result, it hasn't given up on the project, instead saying it will study the possibility of opening smaller deradicalization centers "to host individuals in criminal custody and to develop alternative solutions to incarceration."

That's the spirit, comrade!  Never admit error, never apologize.  That governing style has been working for leftists for, oh, six decades now.


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