Tuesday, August 1

Time for another round of "Fact or Fake?"

Once again it's time to play "Fact or Fake?"  You get to act like an editor for the  Mainstream Media and decide whether a story about Democrats, leftists and socialists doing something is so utterly outrageous that it can't possibly be true, or else...it is, in which case the Mainstream Media usually lies about it, since they support the aforesaid Dems, etc.

1.  Dem powers-that-be in a large U.S. city rename a school named for George Washington, on the grounds that "he owned slaves."

2.  The Los Angeles branch of the NAACP held a press conference to express their outrage!!! over a graduation card that played a soundtrack of young kids excited about the universe--including well-known black holes.  The reason for their outrage was that they heard the audio as "black hoes" (or possibly "black whores," depending on which speaker you believe).  No one explained why a joke script about the universe would suddenly switch to talking about black hoes, but this little inconsistency didn't bother the NAACP a bit.

3.  Black Lives Matter has again called for the dollar bill to be changed, removing the lihograph of George Washington.  The reason given by BLM was that "he owned slaves."

4.  School adminishits in Portland, Oregon have changed the name of Lynch High School, claiming that the name made "certain minorities fearful."  (The school was named for a family that donated a substantial amount of acreage for the school back in the 1800's.)

Answers below.

1.  Fact.  Happened in the Democrat-controlled disaster of New Orleans back in the 1990's.  Didn't get any publicity outside that city because we weren't close enough to the second civil war.  Here's the link.

2.  Fact.  [need source]

3.  Okay, that one hasn't happened...YET.  But if Dems in New Orleans removed Washington's name from a school on the same grounds, who thinks they'll stop there?

4.  Fact.  A bunch of people have pointed out that it would have been far more sane to simply explain that the school's name has no more to do with lynching than the name of Obozo's black female attorney-general.  But of course that's far too logical, which rules it out for school administrators, school board members and anyone else remotely having anything to do with public schools in the U.S.  Buncha' crazies.  [need link]  Here's the link.

5.  Fact.  The link.


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