Monday, July 31

With Obamacare imploding, Dems now want to try "single payer"--which will be worse

Obamacare has proven to be ruinously, disastrously expensive.  Plus the all-Democraat-passed law  forced millions of perfectly good healthcare policies to be cancelled because they didn't have all the bells and whistles that the Dems demanded--like birth control for 65-year-olds.

SO...with the failure of congress to repeal that piece of crap, we're about to see a new debate, between Dems and Repubs on one side, and the few real conservatives on the other.  The Dems will be pushing a monstrosity called "single payer."  The Repubs will be pushing "individual responsibility," which is what we had before Obama.

The Democrats and their allies in the Lying Media will tell people that “healthcare is a right”--an idea that's hugely appealing to their base, since once you get away with declaring something is a "right," it means that if you can't afford it, the gruberment will force taxpayers to pay for it FOR you.  Meaning it's "free to you."

Hugely appealing.

Calling health care a "right" also makes it possible for Dems to force taxpayers to give "free" healthcare to illegal aliens, again with the same arguement:  because they've declared it to be a "right."  And just so we're clear, the Dems *promised* you that Obamacare wouldn't give subsidies to illegals.  California is giving them subsidies.  Hmm, another lie.  Well color me shocked.

The Dems and their media allies will also try to achieve  make emotional appeals along the lines of "MILLIONS WILL DIE if we don't pass this!!!!!"  Except, of course, this wasn't happening before Ozombiecare.  By law, hospitals couldn't deny care to people unable (or unwilling) to pay. The poor weren't dying due to lack of health care.  But I guess the Dems believe that today Americans just aren't as healthy as they were before ZombieCare.

They will also brazenly lie by saying the government--the sole payer in "single payer"--can provide health care at lower cost, due to the gruberment's legendary efficiency.  It's a brazen lie, of course, but 95 percent of Dem voters don't have enough education and information to realize that.  And of course inconvenient facts have never deterred liberals before.  (See "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.")

If you have liberal friends or relatives, try asking 'em this:  Despite far higher premiums than before for virtually everyone, Obamacare is almost insolvent.  Over half the state "exchanges"--started exclusively by states wanting to get three years of "free" federal money (i.e. taxpayer funds) to fund expansions of their state's Medicaid rolls--have gone bankrupt.  Insurance companies issuing gruberment-approved policies are dropping out of areas like mad, such that hundreds of counties now have only one company licensed to sell health insurance there.  So with that as background...

OvomitCare purported to "give" health insurance to 20 or 30 million people.  It's essentially bankrupt.  BY CONTRAST, "single payer" aims to provide health care to *everyone.*  How many trillions more do you think that will cost?

And where do you think that money can be found?

Answer:  If single payer passes, they'll raise taxes on you--maybe take ten or 15 percent of your income at first.  But when that isn't enough, they'll jack it up.  Won't help to argue, cuz "everyone has to have health care, right?"  And "it's a right."  So once it starts, they'll never stop.

This prospect doesn't bother Democrats in the slightest.  Cuz "it's a right!"  And "we'll simply have to find the money, even if we have to borrow it."  They don't look ahead to certain inevitable results, cuz if "it's a right!" then no objection will be deemed sufficient to make them choose a different path.

If the Dems pick up five more seats in the senate and 30 more in the House, this will be a done deal, because there are too many Republican senators who are actually disguised Democrats--RINO's, Republicans in name only--and they'll vote with their Democrat friends to get their virtue card punched.  But mainly cuz they believe that will get them re-elected.

So congress will be able to override a veto.  And will.

One more thing you can try on your lib friends:  Ask 'em how long most Canadians have to wait for an MRI.  At last report it was six months.  By contrast, here in good ol' flyover country I got an MRI on a holiday after 30 minutes of diagnostics suggested a possible minor stroke.

The United Kingdom has had national health care for over 30 years.  Hospitals routinely withhold food and water from terminally ill patients.  In the recent case of baby Charlie Gard, who doctors diagnosed as having a fatal brain disease, they refused the parents' request to take their baby home to die in friendlier surroundings.  Yep, flatly refused.  Welcome to national health care.

Oh wait, silly me:  [clears throat, puts on best politician speaking voice]:  "Our single-payer system will never do anything like that.  We also won't ever have to ration health care.  Cuz we're Democrats, and we're WAY smahtah than you deplorables.  And as always, be assured that 'if you like your doctor, you can keep...' "

"Wait, someone's been screwing around with the Teleprompter again."


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