Monday, July 31

UK judge fines woman $3,000 for "hurling abuse at a Muslim"--seriously

Military officers study what the military of other nations is doing so we don't make a stupid mistake if we have to go to war against them.

In research, the first thing one does is evaluate the current state of the art by studying all the research papers and patents you can find on your area.

By the same token, most people would think it's a good idea to study the experiences of other nations, to see what kinds of problems they have due to their policies, to try to learn and not make the same mistakes.  And with that background, let's look at the U.K.

The UK is technically still a member of the EU, and like most nations in that ghastly body of socialist morons, it's got a huge problem with crimes committed by Muslim "immigrants."  And like the other members of the EU, it's gone far, far into prosecuting, not the criminals, but ordinary citizens who have the gall to (gasp!) say anything critical of Islam.

In the latest outrage, a goofy judge has fined a female leader of a pro-Britain party called "Britain First" almost $3,000 after finding her guilty of "religiously aggravated harassment," claiming the woman "hurled abuse at a Muslim woman."

According to the UK paper "The Independent," the woman was fined nearly £2,000 for "wearing a political uniform and shouting at" a muslim woman last January.  By the way, what's this crap about "wearing a political uniform"?  Is that really a law in the UK?  If so, what does it take to be considered a "political uniform"?  Who gets to make that call?  That would seem to be far too vague to pass muster, and I think the paper may have just thrown that in.

Fransen admitted that she told the muslim woman that muslim men demand that women cover themselves from head to toe to avoid being raped "because they cannot control their sexual urges", adding "that's why they are coming into my country raping women across the continent".
  Fransen denied that her words were intended to be offensive, saying "From everything I have studied, I understand them to be true."

District Judge Carolyn Mellanby said she believed the group had gone to the area "looking for trouble."  "I have no doubt the words used towards [the Muslim woman]...represented everything against her and what she believes in," said the judge.  "In other words, offensive, insulting, abusive and, in my judgment, intended to cause offence and alarm and distress to her religion."

Did ya get that, dear reader?   If you say that Muzz men demand that women cover themselves from head to toe if they want to avoid being raped, this batshit-crazy judge will consider that "insulting, abusive and intended to cause offense."  And will fine you thousands.

Now, why should this be of interest to you as an American?  Because every indicator says the same exact thing is coming here, with unbelievable speed.  Politicians are utterly, cravenly pandering to Muslims, and judges come from the same insulated, politically-correct, goofy class as most pols.

Of course, you may believe American politicians won't act in exactly the same ways as their EU counterparts--which would indeed spare us.  So tell us:  Exactly what is it you believe makes more than one percent of U.S. politicians substantively different from those in the UK and EU?

Take your time.  I'll wait.

Couldn't come up with a single reason, could ya?  Yeah, didn't think so.

The experience of Canada is instructive.  Our two nations share many values, yet Canada has already fined and jailed people for criticizing Islam.  Unbelievable, but sadly true.

I'd put the chances of the U.K. not completely and totally succumbing to Islam within ten years at way under ten percent.

By contrast, with our far stronger religious tradition and the don't-tread-on-me attitude of many Americans, I suspect the U.S. has at least a 30 percent chance of not becoming Muzz ruled within 30 years.

Thank liberalism, with their bullshit saying that "all religions are equal" and "Christians and Muslims worship the same god, despite having unique names in each culture."  No, we don't.  Not even close.


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