Wednesday, August 2

Man found hanged in Minneapolis park; blacks outraged!! Just one small problem...

In insane Minneapolis a couple of days ago a man was found hanged from a tree in a local park.  Here's how a local black guy responded on Twitter:
This is just a few blocks from where my auntie live I was just at this damn park two nights ago! This so damn foul!! I'm so fed up with this s***! They still killing us and we still killing each other! #MakeGoViral
And "go viral" it did, getting 12,600 views in 24 hours.

From the phrase "They still killing *us*" one can reasonably infer that the poster is black.  And from the same phrase, there can be no doubt that the poster was implying that the victim was also black.

The outrage!!! (tm) began its usual exponential climb.  Black Lives Matter posted the photos on its web page.  And had the victim actually been black, they'd have a point.

One tiny problem:  The victim was a mentally-ill white guy.

Local cops quickly set the record straight.  Did that repair the damage?  Well, BLM apologized but hadn't taken the photos down as of Tuesday night.

No doubt an oversight.


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