Wednesday, August 2

Michigan U creates new $50k position to crack down on "cultural appropriation"; and I'm all for it, provided...

The University of Michigan--apparently rolling in oodles of taxpayer money, and knowing it can get as much cash as it wants for socially-trendy liberal programs from corrupt legislators grovelling to social-justice snowflakes--has created a new, taxpayer-funded position charged with either preventing or bitching endlessly about...well, what do you think? 

The official title is “bias incident prevention and response coordinator” and the starting salary is up to $57,000, according to a University of Michigan job posting.  One of the duties of this astonishingly unnecessary post is to fight "cultural appropriation."  The social-justice snowflakes consider that almost as bad as the having Washington on the dollar bill. 

As I understand it (and I say this only because positions named by leftist university adminishits--like laws named by democrats--rarely mean what the actual words would mean to people not fluent in bullshit) cultural appropriation is when a person of one race either uses, adopts or wears something that was invented or created by people of a different race or culture.  For example, people other than Mexican wearing sombreros.  White girls wearing hoop earrings.

Seriously.  If you're not on the Left you're probably laughing, thinking this is a spoof, but both these acts have prompted howls of outrage!!! from the snowflakes on the Left.

But I have to admit, I actually agree with the snowflakes about this.  I truly think everyone--really, everyone--should honor their demands on this point.  Seriously.

Bearing in mind that equality is one of the sacred demands of the Left, obviously the Left would agree that not "appropriating" someone else's "culture" has to apply equally to everyone, yes?  So with the Left's own sacred premise firmly in mind, here's what non-whites must do:

If you want to end what you have screamed is the awful, horrible practice of "cultural appropriation" (and notice the complaint is always against *whites, eh?) then if you're not white it's only fair that you need to stop appropriating *white* "culture."  Specifically, we demand that you comply with all the following:
  *stop flying--cuz the airplane and engines were invented by...
  *stop wearing clothes made of woven fabric (unless hand-woven)--because the automated loom was invented by...
  *stop using any medicine invented by whites; i.e. virtually all; you can keep aspirin, which was apparently known to ancient people;
  *stop driving; who do you think invented the automobile?
  *stop watching movies and television--both of which were invented by...
  *stop using the internet--which was invented by...
  *stop using computers--invented by...
  *stop using your cell phone--do I need to tell you who invented that?
  *stop using anything containing an electric motor (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc)
  *stop using municipal water--because chlorination (which kills pathogens, without which no tap water would be safe) was discovered and implemented by...
  *stop using artificial light--as in, light bulbs; (candles are fine);
  *stop using all electricity (do I need to tell ya why?), unless you catch it from lightning;
  *no more air conditioning;
  *stop using flushing toilets;
  *and no sushi--unless you're Japanese;

I trust I've made my point here.  Geez, you people are SUCH hypocrites!  Or are you just too f'ng dumb?  If you were any dumber you'd forget to breathe.

If you want to bitch and moan and wail and whine about "cultural appropriation" but continue to "appropriate" things your f'n "culture" played no part whatsoever in inventing or implementing, you're a f'n hypocrital rat-bastard.

Now kindly shut the fuck up.  Your constant, hypocritical whining is tiresome to rational beings.

And by the way:  Grow the hell up.  It's a *huge* *compliment* if someone likes something your race or culture created enough to use it or wear it or otherwise popularize it.  In those cases you should feel flattered, not mad. 

But of course you're snowflakes.  Mad is all you know how to do.


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