Wednesday, August 2

Some observations that may be related to our current situation

Some observations that may fit together:

1) IQ seems to be directly proportional to problem-solving ability.  If that's true, then populations with higher average IQs would presumably be better equipped to analyze situations and take the best action.  Thus it's not a stretch to say that if you're trying to devise a solution to a complex problem, IQ helps.

2) Different cultures have different average IQs.

3) Giving women the privilege of voting has arguably resulted in societies implementing "softer" policies, rewarding (i.e. supporting) those who refuse to work but prefer to let others support them.  In a wealthy society this may be deemed tolerable, but when harder times come, the case can be made that supporting people who refuse to work is a dangerous luxury. 
   If these two things are true, one can make the case that giving women the "right" to vote has weakened society as a whole IF hard times ever return.  (Or are they already here?)

4) Poor choices and harmful actions damage society.  And it's pretty incontrovertible that if you tax something you get less of it, while if you subsidize something you get more of it. Subsidizing behaviors that produce bad results damages civilization.

5) Diversity + Proximity = Violence.

6) Among the many, many principles that distinguish Christianity from most other religions is the exhortation to forgive others, and to substitute love for hate.  Whether you're a Christian or an atheist, it seems clear that these principles make for a better society.  If that's true, then the wholesale abandonment of Christianity is harming Western Civilization.


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