Thursday, August 3

How in the world did Trump manage to win?

If Hilliary had won just 3 states--Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin--she'd be president instead of Trump.  The Dems, along with virtually every "independent" analyst, thought she'd win those 3 states.  Let's take a look at why she didn't.

With their masses of people, big cities allow anonymity.  As a result, they're magnets for criminals, and crime.  "Target-rich environment," certainly.  And less chance of getting caught than in a smaller town where shady characters are more likely to be noticed by the cops. 

So it's no surprise that virtually all big cities in the U.S. are controlled by members of the Democrat party.  Among these are Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee.

Philly is the biggest single concentration of votes in Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes.  Similarly, Detroit is the key to Michigan's 16 e.v's, and Milwaukee is the key to Wisconsin's 10.  Switch those 46 electoral votes from Trump to Hilliary and the results--which were 304 to 227 for Trump--become 273 for Hills to 258 for Trump.

In  both 2008 and 2012 there were scores of "voting anomalies," with Obama getting 20 percent more votes in some precincts than the total number of registered voters.  Some precincts reported that not a single vote for the Republican candidate.  While theoretically possible, this would be as unusual as drawing two straight-flushes back to back.

But in 2016 Trump managed to win Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by seven-tenths of a percent, and Michigan by a razor-thin one-quarter of a percent--less than 23,000 votes.  

These results baffled the elite talking-heads.  One hypothesis is that the Dems were so confident of winning that they simply didn't bother to stuff as many fraudulent votes into ballot boxes in Philly, Detroit and Milwaukee as they did in 2008 and 2012.  Needless to say, the Dems won't even comment on this theory.

Instead they're pushing the idea that "the Russians hacked our election."  Unfortunately this theory is hampered by the inconvenient fact that the emperor before and during the election was the marxist asshole Barack Hussein Obama, whose intel apparatus would have been responsible for detecting and defeating hacking attempts by a foreign state.  So to get the public to buy the "we wuz hacked" theory requires the Dems to implicitly criticize their god, Obama.

Obviously that's a big problem for 'em, so they've managed a brilliant finesse: "The Rooskies hacked our election and threw it to the Trumpkin, but they did it in a way that no one has managed to figure out.  So even our wunnerful, brilliant former preezy couldn't possibly have detected it, so you can't blame him.  Instead, blame Trump, cuz...well, he's really rich 'n all.  And you know how evil rich people are."

Not surprisingly, every single Democrat buys this crap.  Helps when half of your voters are "low-info."


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