Wednesday, August 2

Goofy sociology paper complains that *pre-schools* don't do enough to fight "heteronormativity"

In the U.S.--at least for now--anyone can publish virtually anything.  As a result, finding some totally crazy, goofy, f'd-up paper isn't necessarily evidence of a trend.  But in this case it might be.

A sociology instructor at the University of Michigan--who's actually a grad student--recently wrote a paper claiming that preschools are rife with “heteronormativity”--which she helpfully defines as "a culture in which heterosexuality is always assumed, expected, ordinary, and privileged.”  

"Heteronormativity" naturally "perpetuates inequalities related to gender.”  Heidi Gansen claims to have found numerous ways in which heterosexuality is “produced” and “enforced” by both teachers and...preschool students.  She concludes it's important for teachers to actively work to "disrupt heteronormativity."

Gansen claims preschools "contribute to the reproduction of inequalities pertaining to gender and sexuality,” such as gender roles and gendered feelings, so it's important that teaching practices in preschools be changed to eliminate this terrible trend. 

An example of one of the awful "heteronormative" behaviors Gansen found was that in "playing house,” she found that only girls would imitate mothers while only boys would play fathers.  Moreover, Gansen found that if a girl asked to be the husband of the household, she would be quickly rebuffed by her peers.

Gansen concludes--unhappily--that preschool kids “did not allow cross-gender roles.”

She also criticized preschool teachers for interpreting same-sex "homosocial behaviors" as "friendly" as opposed to romantic, claiming that viewing such relationships might be homosexual or lesbian. 

This appears to vex Gansen, because she suggests that teachers can remedy this by talking about the legality of gay marriage and "showing acceptance” when students participate in “actions that interrupt heteronormativity.”

Okay, as noted at the top, goofy, stupid papers are written every day.  But because this one deals with education and a favored snowflake cause, it has all the earmarks of a politically-correct movement.  I would expect that within a year or two, preschool teachers will be required to pass an evaluation every year that requires them to trash "heteronormativity" and extoll the virtues of gay marriage.  And that failure to do both those things will be a career-ending move.

Just my humble opinion.  But I've watched too many of the idea in bullshit papers like this one go on to become PC orthodoxy.  So if this does, remember:  you heard it here first.


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