Sunday, July 23

Once again it's time to play "Did that really happen?" a.k.a. "Fact or Fake?"

With the Lying Media resorting more and more to utterly fake news, it's hard to tell what's real and what's fake.  So once again, dear readers, we offer you a chance to practice your skill in telling one from the other.  You get to decide whether outlandish, too-crazy-to-be-true stories are "Fact or Fake."
  • Schools in San Francisco have removed chocolate milk from the lunch menu at all schools. 
  • Black Lives Matter is protesting this decision, saying that removing only chocolate milk, leaving white milk, is racist, discriminatory and oppressive.
  • City cops fined a 5-year-old girl $195 for...selling lemonade without a license.
  • A black city councilman in Jackson, Mississippi went on TV to urge his young constituents to "throw bottles, rocks and bricks" at police cars chasing fleeing perps into their neighborhoods. 
  • The day after the black councilman in Jackson called for that, unknown persons fired 30 rounds into the living room of a white cop, as he and his family dove for cover.  Local police chief says the shooting "may have been because he was a police officer," but not sure.
Scroll down for the answers.  No cheating!

All but item 2 are true.  But the real news of the day is that Trump's advisors have actually *talked* with the Russia ambassador!  This never happened when a Democrat was president--well, other than meetings between Hilliary and the Russians, of course.  But that was okay because, Democrats.  This Trump "collusion" stuff is an entirely different thing.

Entirely.  Different.  And the Democrats know the details of all the secret deals that Trump's peeps made with the Russians, cuz they had a mike planted in the sugar bowl.  And any day now, they'll tell you deplorables all those details.  Cuz they know 'em.  Really.  They're just waiting for the best time to spring it on him.

And hoo boy, then are you Trumpkins gonna feel dumb--actually "dumber" hahahaha!--for voting for him instead of The Most Qualified Person In History To Be President.  You will be begging us Dems to let you vote to impeach him!  Cuz the gays and blacks and Muslim protesters are, like, totes right:  "America was never great!"

In fact that's such a catchy--and clearly true--slogan that we're probably gonna use that to sweep the mid-term elections.  Oh, and we'll trademark it too.  Make a fortune off the royalties from the hats and tee-shirts.

Oh, here's a link to the article on the cop who had 30 rounds fired into his living room. 


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