Tuesday, July 18

Pelosi: Barring Pentagon from paying for sex-change operations hurts national security!

If someone had told you ten years ago that a former Speaker of the House had bitched to high heaven that the Defense Department simply HAD to spend taxpayer funds to pay for sex-change operations for military snowflakes, you'd have laughed.  But chief moonbat Nan Pelosi really said that.

Actually it's even a little crazier than that:  She claims that NOT paying for sex-change operations will actually hurt national security. 

Tell me, how in the hell does anyone think national security would be increased by forcing taxpayers to pay for sex-change operations?
This is absurd.  Insane.  The Russians must be laughing their asses off at the insanity of what seemingly passes for leadership in the Democratic party. 

But astonishingly, the Lying Media is sccreaming that Trump is the crazy one???  And virtually all the Democrats agree with 'em.

Folks, barring an actual miracle I think the U.S. as we knew it is dead, due to Democrat crap like this.


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