Sunday, July 23

Dem National Committee reports worst fundraising May in 14 years. But don't worry...

For May, the Democrat National Committee reported the lowest amount of "contributions" received in something like 14 years.  The national party spent slightly more for the month than they took in in contributions.

But never fear: When shoulda-been-president Hilliary Clinton and former emperor Bewwy Hussein Obama heard about this, both decided to come to the rescue of the party that put so many millions of dollars into their pockets--albeit indirectly, from the slush funds donated by people seeking to influence the policies of the federal government, and from huge book deals.

In any case, Barack pledged to donate $5 million, while Hilliary--much wealthier since she's been feeding at the trough a lot longer--pledged $10 million.  (Actually the pledge was from her totally self-controlled foundation, but she'll understandably get credit for it.)

Now:  If I were to give you a hint that part of the above story might be a teensy bit wrong, what part would you guess?

I mean really, is there anyone on the planet dumb enough to believe that either Hilliary or Bewwy would donate more than bullshit?  Although when Bill and Hill were in Arkansas they did claim a charitable deduction on their income tax for donating Bill's old boxer shorts to Goodwill.  You think that's a spoof but it's real.  Such is the top leader of the Democrat party.

Oh, and don't worry about the DNC.  George Soros has already promised them ten million to tide them over until the mid-term election--which, you'll be thrilled to hear, is just over 15 months from now.

The reason Soros only needs to get them to the mid-terms is that the Dems will regain control of both the House and senate, which will give them enough votes to impeach Trump, and all will be well again.  And cash will once more come rolling in to Dem coffers in river-like quantities.

Is this a great country or what?


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