Tuesday, July 18

Almost half of students at U.S. coastal universities think socialism is great. But....

While you've been busy working and paying your house payment and a gazillion taxes, the Lying Media and their allies in academia have managed a huge win:  They've convinced between 45 and 50 percent of American ccollege students in coastal states that "socialism is good."

One tiny, tiny problem:  None of the students who think socialism is wonderful can actually say what the hell socialism IS.

Oh, they're quick to tell you what they've been told it will DO--like, "erase the wealth gap in the U.S."  They have no idea how this will be done, but no matter:  the Lying Media and their socialist professors have told 'em socialism can and will do these things, so don't worry about little details like how it will work.  Just believe us, children.

When you think about it, this little oversight characterizes every Democrat/Liberal program:  Obamacare; banning or taxing carbon-based fuels; forcing the military to pay for sex-change operations while weapons are grounded for lack of spare parts; encouraging heroin use by providing clean needles and places to shoot up; and on and on.

You wonder how long the media and the Dems will continue to virtually ignore the disasters created by socialism in Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba, to name just 3.  Fabulous system.


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