Saturday, July 15

Seattle: Left-vs.-left as residents of homeless camp make a courthouse dangerous

Seattle has a strongly leftist electorate and is totally run by leftists.  So it's no surprise that the city is very friendly to the homeless.  Which is delightful, eh?

Except now the homeless are assaulting the people working at one of the courthouses of the King County Superior Court, and some judges aren't happy about it.  But since leftist gummints are totally unwilling to make the homeless obey laws, the fight has now become Left-on-Left.

Turns out a bunch of homeless have been camping the park across the street from this courthouse.  The squatters relieve themselves wherever, and the stench is a problem.  Also, judges say two jurors and half a dozen court employees have been spat upon, slammed against a wall or punched.

The judges asked the county to clean up the courthouse by power-washing the sidewalks, which reek of urine and excrement.  No sooner was this proposed than a member of the city council killed the idea:  Councilmember Larry Gossett--a former member of the Black Panthers--said he opposed power-washing the sidewalks because was "racially insensitive" because it brought back images of the use of firehoses against civil-rights activists back in the 1960s.

Yeah, he really said that.

Another suggestion was closing the courthouse entrance closest to the camp and turning an entrance on the other side of the building into the main entrance.  All the moonbats on the city council liked that because it solved the problem with no risk to their virtue cards.

But the prize for "Solving Problems by Making Them Sound Trivial" goes to Seattle police captain Mike Teeter, who said 1) "police already patrol the area heavily" (so problem solved!); and 2) that while there are certainly people in the area who "behave in ways that may make others uncomfortable," there is often no criminal activity involved.

See how well that works, citizen?  You complain about being spat on or assaulted, but you conveniently ignore all the greater number of people who didn't get assaulted that day.  He added that
statistically, a person is actually slightly less likely to be assaulted near the courthouse than in some other areas of the city.   So again, problem solved.

Teeter quickly checked his virtue card and added that he recognizes that the people who are "behaving in ways that may make others uncomfortable" are either "in crisis, or need."  So stop your complaining about your discomfort.

Finally one of the judges--female--who had brought the problem to the council's attention and was undoubtedly reconsidering her complaints because of all the reassurances from captain Mike
Teeter and friends, apparently decided her virtue card needed to be refreshed.  So she said “We need to do everything we can to make this courthouse welcoming to all,” she said.

Now, virtually everyone is sympathetic to the plight of homeless people.  On the other hand, is it reasonable to let a bunch of 'em camp out in a city park?  Moonbats think so.


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