Wednesday, July 12

See any problems with this tweet from the faaabulously accurate New York Times?

While Trump was in Europe the assholes at the NYT were SO eager to nick him for something -- anything-- that they couldn't restrain themselves.  So they rushed out this petty, crappy comment on twatter:

SO...the Times couldn't wait to crow that a "body language expert" said "Putin had the edge over Trump."  And the caption on the pic began "Russians call Trump meeting Putin a win."

Remember all those vaunted f'n "layers and layers of fact-checkers" that supposedly make the Lying Mainstream Media SOOoooo much more reliable than any stupid, deplorable bloggers.  You can trust the Times for totally accurate crap, right?

So it took bloggers about ten seconds to notice that 1) the alleged "Putin" has sure gotten a lot taller recently; 2) isn't Putin nearly bald, with a fringe of blond hair?  And finally (3), did the Russians change their flag?  Cuz the one on the right side of the pic sure doesn't look like the official Russian flag, eh comrade?

Sure enough, it's not Putin, nor the Russian flag.  It's the president of Poland, and the flag of that nation.

Eat shit and die, Times.  Your vaunted layers and layers of fact-checkers aren't worth a crap.  You make just as many errors as anyone else.  You just try to bullshit us that you don't.

You lie, you lie, you lie.  Always have, always will.  Your bankruptcy can't come soon enough.


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