Wednesday, July 19

California moonbat senator Kamala Harris running for president, say big Dem donors

Kamala Harris was the attorney-general of California, then won the U.S. senate seat from that state that opened when Barbara Boxer retired.

A few days ago Harris met in the Hamptons with a group of the biggest donors to Democrat candidates--including Hilliary's biggest donors (other than Russia).  Now a Democrat website is saying that Harris will "definitely" run for president in 2020.

The Dems have found their perfect candidate:  Harris is reportedly a rude, arrogant, fire-breathing socialist--none of which bothers Democrats a bit.  But on the plus side (for Dems) she's a) relatively young; b) female; c) socialist; and d) mixed race.  Thus she can be expected to do much better with young voters and blacks than Hilliary did.  She doesn't have any of Hilliary's baggage, so will do better with women; and her socialist bent will attract low-info voters and Sanders supporters.

Her personal negatives--abrasive and abusive to subordinates, arrogant--will be covered up by the Lying Media so won't be widely known.

As I said:  the perfect Democrat candidate.  If she does run I think she'll sweep the primaries.

Harris has the feel of a deal already made--a person who rises meteorically for no know reason.  Like your emperor, whose entire national experience when he announced his intention to run for president was a grand total of two years in the U.S. senate, after a couple of stealth terms in the Illinois state legislature.

His candidacy was so wildly improbable as to make you think the fix was in, and I get that same vibe with Harris.

Obama damn near destroyed the U.S. in many ways.  I suspect Harris will be Barack II.


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