Saturday, July 15

Why do our politicians insist that we not blame Islam for terrorist murders by "Islamists"?

You've probably heard our lying, traitorous, bribed politicians repeatedly tell Americans that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that when Muslims anywhere in the world brutally kill non-muslims--which happens virtually every day--the killings never have a thing to do with Islam.

That's right, nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.  Instead our pols insist that we ignore the bloodbath committed by Muslims, saying the murderers aren't really Muslims but have instead "hijacked" (or alternately, "perverted") a peaceful religion.

The Lying Media--which reliably echo all Democrat/liberal talking points--repeat that lie endlessly.  As a result, most Americans--few of whom have the time or inclination to research the question themselves--believe Islam is peaceful.  

One of the reasons for the wide acceptance of this delusional notion is that for the last 3 or 4 decades liberals have been teaching kids that 1) all religions are equally valid;  2) no one has the right to criticize anyone else's religion; and 3) Christians and Jews--and anyone else backward enough to need to believe in a "sky friend" (/sarc)--need to recognize that they all believe in one God, so what difference does it make what name you use?  (Again, note the /sarc tag.)

Bruce Bawer at PJ Media wrote a very insightful piece on this, and I've reposted his thoughts that I thought were most telling.

He notes that millions of people--most of them (but not all) liberals and Democrats--sincerely think we shouldn't blame Islam after terrorist acts because "it would make things worse"-- it would make non-bloodthirsty Muslims feel bad, or nervous, or oppressed, or insulted or whatever.  They also claim that blaming Islam for terrorist acts by Muslims would increase the number of "hate-crime" attacks on American Muslims by angry, mentally-unbalanced rednecks looking for revenge.
Sorta' like that Bernie Sanders supporter who shot congressman Steve Scalise, eh?
Dems also claim blaming Islam would simply increase the number of Muslims who join the so-called "fundamentalists."  So according to the Dems and media we should never blame Islam but should just go along with the pretense that the terrorists have simply perverted a peaceful religion.

Bruce believes the truth is totally contra to this conclusion, and that when people build their society on lies, it inevitably leads to bad results.  Once an approved lie becomes policy it's not long before  assent becomes mandatory.  Shortly after that speaking the truth becomes a crime.  He then asks whether Americans want to live in such a society.

We've already seen this happen in the West, with people like Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and Ezra Levant in Canada being prosecuted merely for speaking the truth about Islam. 

Liberals describe telling the truth about Islam as "escalating the rhetoric," and claim it simply increases the number of our enemies. 

Here are some of the things people in Europe and Canade have already been fined or jailed for saying or writing:
  1.  polls show that large percentages of Muslims in the West support the use of violence to impose sharia law; 
  2.  under Islam women have considerably fewer rights;
  3.  large percentages of western Muslims accept women's subordination to men under sharia law;
  4.  large percentages of western Muslims agree that the proper punishment for leaving Islam, or homosexual acts, or being a victim of rape, should be execution;
  5.  large percentages of western Muslims believe sharia law permits wife-beating and so-called "honor killings"; 
  6.  large percentages of western Muslims believe democracy is bad, and want to replace the law of western democracies with sharia law;

Of course a handful of brave ex-Muslims in the West who saw through the lies, and recognize the Islamic roots of violent jihad.  These ex-Muslims are astonished that western leaders ignore the people who have lived under Islam and instead simply parrot the lie that violent jihad has nothing to do with Islam.


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