Wednesday, July 19

Family of man terribly injured claims cops *threw him off a bridge*! Wait...bodycam vid??

In Rainbow City Alabama the cops stopped a car with black driver and passenger.  They asked for ID, which the occupants produced.  But the photo and stats on the ID produced by the male passenger clearly didn't match the person who produced it.

Cops sent a photo of the guy to dispatcher, and the system managed to figure out the guy's real identity--and that he had outstanding arrest warrants.

Hours later the guy is in the hospital with all sorts of injuries.  Looks terrible!

Immediately his family posts on social media that the cops "beat him half to death" AND  "threw him off a bridge!"  Naturally you don't believe that, so take a look at their post:

"We won't stop until these power-obsessed animals pay for their cruelty!"  And "PLEASE SHARE."

Naturally everyone in his community believes this, and a reasonable person would likely view this as an incitement to riot against the police "animals."  The first posts of "F da police" and "police brutality!" hit the Net.  Looks like Ferguson part 2 is about to start.

Fortunately, by blind luck the cops were wearing bodycams--turned on.  And just a couple of hours after the family posted their version of events (above), the cops released the footage.  Which showed a totally different story:

After the dispatcher tells the cop who the guy really is, cop comes back to the rear of the car he's pulled over, where the black male is standing.  Says "Okay, we know who you are, and you're under arrest for..." and at that point the black guy sprints across the highway and leaps over a 4-foot concrete barrier.  No cop was within 50 feet of him when he jumped.  (Video at bottom)

Fortunately the drop was just 19 feet, but the landing zone was totally rocks, and the guy was indeed badly injured on landing.  Cops walked to the end of the bridge, down the rocks and proceeded to call the medics.

Now the question is, how did the guy's family come up with the totally fabricated story they posted on social media?  If their injured relative told 'em, or if they simply made up the whole thing, that sure seems to me to qualify as a "reckless disregard for the truth," which would make the family liable for posting the incendiary lie on the internet.

Of course no one will bother charging them.  Which means the next time something like this happens, we'll see that invisible lottery wheel spin again.  And maybe next time the cops won't have bodycams to tell the truth.

Oh, and by the way:  Black Lives Matter has posted that they are now *opposed* to the cops wearing bodycams, now claiming it's raaacist.  They don't explain exactly why they claim that and I'll try to find out.

But it's so odd:  I could have sworn that organizations like BLM were the ones demanding that all cities spend the gazillion dollars needed to put bodycams on every police officer.  Were you under that same impression?  Seems odd that they've now done a complete reversal.

Gosh, I wonder why they'd do that?

For those interested, here's the vid, which is working at least now.  My guess is it'll be taken off the Net, as several copies already have been.  You have to wonder why.  Wait, no you don't.


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