Tuesday, July 18

James Hansen has a PhD. He predicted NYC would be under water by now

James Hansen is one of the biggest pushers of the idea that human activity--specifically the emission of carbon dioxide by burning oil, gas and coal--was fatally warming the planet.

In 1988 Hansen predicted that within 20 to 30 years New York City’s West Side Highway would “be underwater” due to a predicted rise in sea-level.  Details are at this link (Salon).

At last report none of NYC is underwater.  Of course the far end of his prediction is still a year away and *could* still be right, eh?  But hey, wrong predictions are universal among the Global Worming crowd, so this is par for their course. 

You might think that having been so spectacularly wrong about the underwater driving prediction, Hansen might have dialed it back a bit.  Nope.  Instead he's updated his prediction in a paper published last year, and now claime that if the United States continues to use fossil fuels, sea levels would increase by “several meters over a timescale of 50 to 150 years.”

So...from 1988 to today Hansen predicted a rise of a few meters, but the oceans have only risen a few millimeters.  But according to the Hansen, we're about to get a rise of "several meters" as soon as 50 years from now.

And he gets paid for being this bad.


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