Wednesday, July 12

Prosecutor dismisses charges of wife-beating against immigrant, claiming "cultural incompetency"??

Many Americans have noticed that there are two sets of laws in this country: one for the Hilliary and Bill Clintons and the Nancy Pelosis--a very lax, forgiving set--and a far, far tougher, less forgiving set of laws for ordinary American citizens.

But now we find there's yet another set of laws--a third set--for foreigners.  It's much like the laws for our elites.

For proof, consider the case of Augustin Bahati, who immigrated to the U.S. from Congo.  Last year he was arrested on a charge of domestic violence charges in New Hampshire.  The victim told police Bahati hit her, pushed her, kicked her, and pulled her hair out.

But astonishingly, prosecutors decided to dismiss all the charges against him. Not because the victim recanted or wouldn’t testify.  Not because of new evidence exonerating him or throwing doubt on his guilt.

So why did the prosecutor recommend dropping all charges?  “Cultural incompetence.”

What does that mean?   Prosecutors don't want to talk about the case, but it appears to mean that Mr. Bahati comes from a culture where beating your wife is legal, and he allegedly can't understand that in the U.S. wife-beating is illegal.

On the strength of a finding of “cultural incompetence,” six charges went poof.  The dismissal was recommended by the prosecutor, and accepted by a nutty liberal judge.

Now, this may not strike most of you as a significant event.  After all, he didn't behead the woman, didn't even stab her or throw her off a building or run her over with his car get it.  So why am I taking the time to bring it to your attention?
Because it's actually a huge departure from actual U.S. law.  In the past there was a basic principle that "ignorance of the law is no excuse."  In other words, if no one has explicitly told some immigrant that murder is illegal in the U.S., he can't claim as a defense against a murder charge that he didn't know it was against the law.

That principle has been demolished here.

But worse, if it's allowed to stand--and New Hampshire is so f'n liberal that there's no chance the state will re-file the charges--every other criminal immigrant will use the same defense.

Like I said:  Three sets of laws in the U.S.

Tick tick tick tick.


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