Saturday, October 8

Proof of how Obama lied when he claimed not to know about Hilliary's private email account

Last October, about 6 months after the New York Times first revealed the existence of Hillary Clinton's private email server, the emperor appeared on “60 Minutes” and denied knowing that the presumptive Democratic nominee was doing all her government business from a private email account.

When asked point blank whether he knew about Hillary’s private email server, Obama responded, quite simply, “No.”

Of course we now know--from recently-released FBI investigation notes--that Obama had actually sent Hillary an email using an alias that almost no one other than the two of them knew. 

In her interview with the FBI, Huma Abedin revealed that the emperor sent Hillary an email on June 28, 2012.  Obama's use of an alias known only to him and Hillary strongly suggests that the emperor personally sent the email.  Does anyone really believe Obama didn’t recognize that the email he sent to Hillary didn’t end in "”? 

Eh, what difference can it possibly make?  After all, no one expects the president to tell people the truth, right?  So where's the harm?  Besides, you can't prove Obozo sent that email.  Coulda been sent by some low-level staffer posing as the emperor.  And he just happened to guess the emperor's secret alias.

Yeh, dat's it. 


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