Saturday, September 24

FBI notes show Obama used a fake name to email Hillary at private email--**later denied knowing she had private email account**

Late Friday afternoon the thoroughly corrupt, politicized FBI did yet another "document dump."  That's when an agency releases documents they have to release but don't want you to actually notice. This is always done late on a Friday after it's too late to make that evening's news. 

The agency hopes that by Monday either some other story will override this one, or else Democrat-friendly editors and news producers will simply decide that since it's 3 days old by then, it's not newsworthy.

The newly-released FBI docs show that your emperor emailed Hillary Clinton at her private email address.  Yet later, when asked by reporters, he claimed he didn't know she had a private email account.

An endless web of lies--as everyone has come to expect from the emperor, Hillary and all Democrat leaders.

What makes the report authentic is that in emailing Hillary, Obozo used a fake name that presumably only he and Hillary his a few staffers knew. 

The 189 pages the bureau released includes interviews with Clinton’s closest aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.  Mills--a government employee--refused to answer questions from congress about Hillary's email server on the utterly bullshit grounds that she is Hillary's attorney, and thus can't be forced to give information due to the attorney-client privilege.

But as should be screamingly obvious, Mills was not Hillary's attorney when she was at State.  At the time she was a federal employee, paid by the taxpayers. 

In an interview with the FBI five months ago, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin was shown one of the emails the emperor sent to Clinton under the fake name.  Abedin claimed she didn't recognize the name of the sender.  When told that the sender was believed to be a fake name used by Obama, Abedin exclaimed: 'How is this not classified?'"  Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president's use of a fake name.
The State Department has refused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama.

This story has been published by numerous new outlets.  Here's a link to Politico's version.  It's loaded with irrelevant padding, which diverts attention from the real story--which I've extracted above.  Politico is a strong pro-Democrat outfit so running this story amounts to an "admission against interest."  If you're not a lawyer that means it's a lot more likely to be true.  Of course it doesn't mean this is the whole truth--heaven forbid!--but simply that the truth is at least this damning for Obozo and the Democrats.

But hey "what difference can it possibly make," eh citizen?  (If you didn't know, that's Hillary's infamous response at one point during the Benghazi hearings.)  Why should any citizen care if your government lies about trivial things like this?

Oh using a fake name, if someone filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit seeking emails from "President Obama" to Hillary's private server--or if congress were to subpoena such emails--the emperor's staff would be able to truthfully say there was no record of this particular email from "President Obama."

See how that works?  Clever, huh.  


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