Thursday, October 6

When is invading a country wrong, and when is it just faaaabulous?

G.W. Bush recognized that the dictator of Iraq--Saddam Hussein--was a threat to damn near everyone.  Every Democrat "leader" agreed.  Hillary Clinton joined others, including Nancy Pelosi, in writing a letter to Bush urging him to stop Hussein.

Bush dutifully asked congress for approval to take military action against the Hussein regime.  Congress approved.  Senator Hillary Rotten Clinton voted yes.

Bush then went to the usually-completely-corrupt-and-useless United Nations, seeking the approval of that body to take military action agains Iraq.  He got the votes of the majority of UN members.

Within months of U.S. and allied troops invading and quickly defeating Iraqi forces, the Left went batshit:  How dare he do this horrible thing?!

Now let's compare Hillary's faaabulous adventure into Libya:

Hillary and the emperor of the United States decided Libya's dictator should be removed.  He wasn't working to develop chemical or nuclear weapons--indeed, a few years earlier he had scrapped his nuclear program and turned over all Libya's uranium to the U.S.  So he wasn't a threat to anyone.

Nevertheless, with the kind of amazingly brilliant judgment that moved her to set up a private email server to illegally store TOP SECRET intelligence (spy) cables, she and the emperor decided Ghaddafi had to go.  So she and the emperor ordered an aerial bombing campaign that ultimately destroyed that country.

Neither Hillary nor her emperor sought or received congressional approval--despite the War Powers Act that said a president couldn't use the American military overseas for more than 60 days without the approval of congress.  She didn't seek--nor did she receive--UN approval.

Because of the brilliant analytical skills of Hillary and the emperor, the entire COUNTRY of Libya is now a seething cauldron of terrorism and death.  Their acts resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands--if not hundreds of thousands--of people, and created a terrorist state that will go on killing people for decades.

So compare:  Bush got congressional and UN approval.  Hillary and Obama didn't.  If the Left wants to condemn one, you'd think the other would deserve even greater condemnation.  But of course the Left loves Hillary, and will overlook any disaster she's helped create.


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