Friday, October 7

FBI gave top Hilliary aides immunity, then destroyed their laptops so they couldn't be examined more closely

Normally when the FBI is investigating a possible crime, and it has reason to believe you have evidence that could incriminate the person being investigated, they don't send you a polite request to produce it. 

Instead they go before a judge, get a warrant, and show up on your doorstep at 5am.  The barge in and take the evidence.

I know y'all will be shocked to learn that the FBI not only didn't do this when it wanted to (allegedly) search the laptops of Hilliary's top aides at State--Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, but instead offered them immunity for anything found on those devices--including TOP SECRET cables from Hilliary.

In fact, after the bureau supposedly "searched" the laptops, they destroyed the hard drives so they couldn't be searched again.  Odd, eh?  Isn't that destroying evidence?  Sure.

And surely you heard all this, right?  Because it was all over the evening news, and the NY Times and WaPo.  Oh wait, that's right, it wasn't.

Oh, wait...I know why the FBI destroyed the hard drives of Hilliary's two top aides:  It was because their evidence room in DC was just, like, totally full of stuff, and they didn't have even one cubic foot left to store those laptops!

Why did the FBI not follow its usual procedure and just seize the evidence?  Why did it destroy the evidence instead of keeping it for more-extensive examination?

Oh, that's right:  Two sets of laws--one for us ordinary folks, one for Democrat elites.

The only possible conclusion one can reach is that the head of the FBI is totally corrupt.  And it's a matter of record that he's gotten millions from the Clinton Foundation.  And that his brother does the foundation's tax returns.  Wow, what a stench.


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