Friday, October 7

Wash. Post shills for emperor and Hillary again--calls poor job performance "solid" to fool the rubes into electing Hilliary

The Washington Post has been a solid supporter of Democrats--both office holders and candidates--for as long as anyone can remember.  And because a bunch of people still read it, lots of folks get their sense of how things are going in this country from its lying articles.

Example:  Before the emperor ascended the throne the consensus among economists was that the U.S. had to add about 225,000 jobs per month to keep up with population growth and layoffs.  For September economists had forecast that the economy would add 176,000 jobs--not enough to keep things level, but virtually no Americans know that. 

Well the numbers are in for September, and the Bureau of Labor bullshit statistics says 156,000 jobs were added.

Yay!!  Well done, emperor!

Oh wait--that was below the forecast, and WAY below the break-even figure needed.

So how d'ya think the Washington ComPost touted this disappointment?  "U.S. added a solid 156,000 jobs in September." 

That's it, Lying Media:  Keep shilling for Hillary and the emperor.


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