Thursday, October 6

Pencil-neck administrator at some Cal uni directs frat and sorority students to stop using the term "Greek life"

An overpaid, pencil-dick "administrator" at U-Cal Merced has directed members of fraternities and sororities to stop using the phrase “Greek life.”

You might very well wonder why any dumbshit college adminishit would do this.  His reason: he said it “appropriates Greek culture.”

You think this has to be satire.  Unfortunately it's real.  If you're from a sane part of this once-great but now-very-fucked-up nation you may not have heard that the "special snowflakes" who want to take this place over have screamed that adopting any part of some other culture is "cultural appropriation" and is...wait for it...BAD.

Wait, haven't the "elites" constantly wailed that ignorant Americans (and according to them that would be you, citizen) were too insulated from the world--not sophisticated, not worldly--and that we needed to get with the groove of other cultures that are different from your knuckle-dragging, God-fearing, gun-loving one.

Why yes, yes they have.  But now the special snowflakes have screamed that this is verboten.

According to students at UC Merced, that university's "fraternity and sorority life staff coordinator" Richard Arquette “strongly recommended” last year that students use the term “fraternity and sorority life” because it’s more “inclusive.”

Arquette did not comment on the report.  However, the "assistant director of student government and leadership development"--my lord, how many of these leeches are there? What the hell do they add to education?--confirmed that the "Fraternity and Sorority Life division" had recommended “terminology guidelines” that are more “inclusive.”

“While our staff members in Fraternity and Sorority Life recommend the use of these terms there is no formal requirement in place for their use.”  Yet.

Still, students said they worry about administrative repercussions against their chapters if they refuse to adhere to the directive.

Arquette also said the university is considering a rule requiring all frats and sororities to remove the Greek letters from their houses, since this is also considered "cultural appropriation."  The university president is said to be considering issuing "guidelines" to the physics, math and engineering departments "suggesting" they re-write equations to use English letters in place of Greek letters.

This bullshit has to stop.  If you think using the inventions or food or decor or phrases of someone else's culture is wrong, you need to kill yourself right away.  Or maybe try this:  If you aren't a white American, don't fly commercial.

Say what?  Yep.  Who do you think invented heavier-than-air flight?  Oooh, yeah:  the Wright brothers.  From Dayton, Ohio.

Oh, and don't ever get an MRI.  Don't use vaccines.  (Moonbats don't like those anyway.)  Don't use anything with an "integrated circuit" in it (that's a computer chip), cuz guess who invented those?

See where this leads?  Insanity.  Stupidity. 

This is who and what is taking over the U.S.  If you don't think so you haven't been to the coastal cities, where this sort of bullshit is utterly rampant.

Oh, in case it wasn't obvious, the paragraph about removing greek letters from the frats is satire.  But then before the emperor's reign no one would have thought anyone would order you not to use "Greek life" for fear of offending someone.


Anonymous Deserttrek said...

the funny thing is the guy probably likes getting greeked

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