Wednesday, October 5

Emperor's peeps order military to provide free sex-change medical care for any "service-person" who wants to change

Remember way waaaay back--maybe ten years ago--when gays demanded the right to serve in the military?  All the elites--not one of whom had served in the military--said "This is an absolutely wonderful idea, because it's so very, veddy, fair."  

And it was so ordered.  Called "Don't ask, don't tell," it specified that as long as gays weren't openly flaming, they could continue to serve.  No one would investigate.

Well that lasted about, oh, a year, and then the utterly predictable happened:  they demanded the right to be flamingly, flamboyantly in-your-face.

And it was so ordered.  Because, you know, it was so veddy, veddy fair.

Was it bad for morale?  The elites didn't give a shit.  They'd never served, never would serve, their children would never serve, so...not a problem--for them, anyway.

Now the top civilian leader of the Army is openly gay.

So now the next shoe drops:

The Department of Defense issued an official "implementation handbook for transgender service members and their commanders."  

Yep, someone in the emperor's corrupt administration ordered the Pentagon to provide "gender transition" medical care for service members who want to switch sex.

What a faaabulous deal!  We'll have the most stylish uniforms in the world!  And high heels to match!

Sorry, this is really dumb.  Reeeally dumb.  But it's exactly what we've come to expect from the emperor and his idiots--all of whom seem bent on tearing down what was once the greatest fighting force on the planet.  All in the interest of fairness and diversity, of course. 


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