Saturday, October 1

What's the secret of their success? Give opponents everything they want

According to historians, two competing theories drive human events:  One is called the Great Man theory, which holds that the outcome of conflicts between nations, or crisis events, is driven by the sound decisions, charisma and motivational skills of smart, skilled leaders. 

The second is the opposite--that large-scale events are controlled by the net total skills, dedication and motivation of a nation's citizens.  In this theory even the most skilled leader is essentially no more than a cheerleader.

Astonishingly, liberals are pushing the theory that the next Great Man is...John Kerry??

Yep.  In a slobbering interview with Kerry the  Leftist rag The Atlantic asked him--in the context of his diplomatic record--what is the "John Kerry secret sauce?"  That is, what was Kerry's secret for coming to agreements with enemy nations like Iran?

Of course it's easy to reach an agreement when your guiding principle is simply to concede everything your opponent wants.

Both Kerry and the emperor enthusiastically embrace the 'giving away the store' approach.  How else can one interpret Obozo's secret concessions to Iran --agreeing to Iranian demands that the U.S. remove sanctions on criminal banks in Iran?

How do allegedly "great" leaders recognize truth?  What basis do they have for making decisions on policies?  Certainly with the emperor and his lackeys--as with Hillary--it's hard to see any basis other than self-enrichment or ego. 

But despite 8 years of the emperor's regime making horrible decisions, followed by equally horrible results--Obamacare, bombing Libya to help overthrow Khaddafi, supporting ISIS against the Assad regime in Syria, the outrageous Iranian nuclear non-treaty treaty, executive-ordering amnesty for all illegals, releasing illegals who make it to the U.S., importing unvetted Muslim "refugees"--the list is long--by increments, the Democrats have signed up millions of illegals and members of the free-shit army (FSA) to support their candidates.  As a result, the Republican party is probably doomed. 

And given the total lack of balls by the GOP in congress, it probably should be.


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