Thursday, September 22

Video of the main Obamacare drafter talking about the "stupidity of the American public"

Wanna see how Team Obama lied to the public to scrape up enough votes to pass the total disaster called Obamacare?  Watch the vid below.

The speaker is a guy named Jon Gruber.  He's an economist at MIT and was a key drafter of the actual wording of the bill.  What he says is, we lied:  "If the CBO [congressional budget office] had 'scored the bill' correctly [i.e. correctly stated what it would cost] it wouldn't have passed."

He also says that what enabled 'em to pass it was "Call it the stupidity of the American people or whatever...."

These are the people who are ruling you.

This is the Hillary theory of government.

Do you love Obamacare?  Love paying more for insurance with such a huge deductible that you'll almost never be able to get the health insurance to pay a dime?  They you'll love President Hilliary.


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