Saturday, July 7

Democrat leadership pushing "single payer"--and what might that be?

The leaders of the Democrat party--including deputy chair of the Dem National Committee, Keith Ellison--are pushing an issue they cunningly call "single payer."  And they're demanding that Democrat voters "push" all candidates for congress to declare their position on this issue.

Since the "single payer" concept has been floated for at least a decade, surely you know what it is, right?  Surely the media has done its job, to inform the public about issues involving not just millions or billions of dollars, but Trillions of dollars, right?

So what do you know about the term?

Unless you follow politics closely (a luxury not many hard-working Americans have time to do) you probably don't know what it means.

That's because the Democrat leadership does't want you to know much about it until they've created an avalanche of support from dumb-asses, which they're confident Republicans would be scared to oppose.  Rulers who are trying to do something that might cost them support from informed voters always give the thing they're trying to sell you a name that doesn't even REMOTELY tell what the thing will do.  So for example, they'd name a proposal to add a tax of ten bucks to a gallon of gasoline something misleading like "the transportation equalization act."

"Single payer" is Dem-babble for socialized medicine, run by the government.

"Wait," I hear you saying.  "I thought we already had that with Obamacare."

Except with Obamacare you were still insured by companies.  And if they did something utterly negligent and harmful to you, you could theoretically find an attorney and sue their asses off.  BY CONTRAST, in "single payer" all health care is paid for by...wait for it...the gruberment.  Which means they run it, ration it and rule it.  You don't get any say in it.

Worse, if the gruberment assholes do something utterly negligent that kills your wife or husband or child or parent, you can't sue the negligent bureau or individual who totally, negligently f'd up unless they agree to be sued.  It's called "sovereign immunity," and it's real. 

Bottom line is that "single payer" is Obamacare on steroids.  It's what the socialists and Democrats wanted all along but didn't think they could possibly ram through congress, so they settled for O'care.

And how's Obamacare working out?  Did you get to keep your doctor or insurance if you liked it, like the emperor promised?  No?  (You did if you were a member of congress, since they exempted themselves from their own fucking law.  But then you knew that, right?)

And did you see that "average annual saving of $2,500 per family" that Obama promised?  No?

Gosh, thats...odd.  Cuz all the experts and elite talking heads echoed that like it was the word of God.  And of course to them that's exactly what it was.  But it was a lie from start to finish.  Yet now, having seen how ghastly Obamacare turned out, the Democrats want to put it on growth hormone and ram it down your throat.

Why would they do that?  Are they just unable to learn from crap outcomes?  Well, yes, but the real reasons are...wait for it...control, and more votes from people who are dumb as rocks. 

Single payer would give the government total control over all decisions regarding health care--even more than Obamacare did.  And just as poor people totally supported Obamacare--because it would mean "free" health insurance--they'd vote for Dems to get single-payer for the same reason.  The fact that they'd have no control over the decisions wouldn't be a concern compared to getting "free" health care.

The Democrats are fixated on ramming this through.  Don't say you weren't warned.


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