Friday, July 6

Dem congresscreep blasts Trump for separating kids of illegal invaders, but was silent when Obama did the same

Democrat congresscreep Adam Schiff jumped on the "OMG the orange man is SO horrible for separating children of illegal border-crossing invaders from their detained parents!!!!"

Being a good Democrat, he says he and other marchers
"...demand an end to the cruelty of separating kids from their parents.  What this President is doing is wrong and does not represent our values.
Interesting.  I didn't hear Adam Schiff or any other Dumbocrat wailing when emperor Obozo did exactly the same thing.   So why weren't you outraged THEN, you hypocrital son of a bitch?

Oh, that's right:  You didn't give a damn about this policy when your messiah was doing the same thing.  But now that you can inflame your base by wailing about this AWFUL policy--only when done by Trump--suddenly it's a horrible, outrageous thing.

If Hilliary had won (as you all knew she would) and had continued the policy, you and your comrades wouldn't have uttered a peep of protest.  In fact Hilly would have bragged that she was doing a GOOD thing by not putting kids in adult holding facilities.  And every Democrat and talking head would have applauded her faaaabulous virtue. 


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