Saturday, July 7

Typical comments from just a single story in the Trump-hating WaPo

Ah, the liberals' bible, the WaPo:  Because virtually all their readers are libs/Dems, the comments tend to be off the wall as libs vie to see who can make the most anti-Trump comments. They're looking for approval from other libs.  For example, here are comments from just one article:
  • You know what conspiracy theory has not been debunked after two years now of scrutiny?
    That Trump is working for Vladimir Putin and systematically tearing down this country, ruining ties with our allies, gutting our economy, and weeding anyone with honor and integrity out of the government.
      That conspiracy theory has not been debunked and has in fact only gathered more and more validity as more and more ties between Trump, the Trump family, and Russian oligarchs and Vladimir Putin are discovered, verified, and exposed.
  • Talk about the genesis of fake news.....  Look at our WH staff and the president as maniacal sources of lies and all supporters who acted as soldiers in the destruction of Awan and his family.
  • [Trump] doesn't care who he slanders as long as he comes out on top. POS."
  • Pouty-Puss comes out looking like the vindictive, mean-spirited louse that he truly is.
  • Trump is like a deadly virus."
  • I don't know how much more of this unprincipled, cruel, vindictive, childish, ego-maniacal behavior this country can endure from this unbalanced man who also seems incapable of telling the truth
  • It's time that purposeful lying to the people, rumor spreading and conspiracy hoaxes by the president each one becomes a reason for impeachment or indictment. 
  • Toilet mouth Trump is just that.
  • Interesting that the doj is now consistently labelled, the highly politicized Obama FBI and DOJ with no proof that either of these agencies did anything wrong other than not sing the Donald's song on key.  [Um...try reading the official Inspector General report; all the top FBI agents were sending "highly politicized" emails to each other every day, suggesting ways to sabotage Trump's campaign.  But I wouldn't expect a Dem to even have read the thing.]  
  • Trump and his racist alt right conspiracy pushers at Fox News/Breitbart/Daily Caller, are just doing what they do every day, accusing people, especially if they have a Pakistani, Muslim, or Latino names, of fabricated crimes.
  • one side (Republicans) are not bound by any sort of morality. From the President on down, they feel emboldened to spread the most vile rumors, lies, and innuendo.
  • This administration and congress, the Republican party, its voters and funders are entirely lawless without a shred of moral conscience.
Tons more but you get the idea.  And yet these are the people who claim to be the voices of reason and tolerance?  What hypocrisy!


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