Thursday, July 5

Democrat hate-rhetoric triggers violence by a supporter yet again

The insane hate-Trump rhetoric of the Democrats and socialists is triggering more and more of their unhinged followers to cross the line into physically attacking people who support the president.

Example #3,593: In San Antonio a group of teenagers were having dinner in a burger place.  One was wearing a red MAGA hat.  A man in his 30's snatched the hat off the teen' head, then threw a drink on the kid, yelling "You ain't doin' shit, nigger."

(Not that it matters, but the kids were white.  But the drink-thrower is supposedly all about not being racist and not using racially-inflammatory slurs, right?  Hypocrite much?)

If you believe you have the right to eat a meal in peace, and not have a drink thrown on you or you personal belongings stolen by a so-called "liberal," watch the vid below.


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