Tuesday, July 3

Democrat threatens to kill senator Rand Paul, AND wife and kids

The message being shouted by Democrat and socialist "leaders"--"Republicans are eeevil haters and good Democrats should make their lives miserable"--is starting to bear fruit for the Dems.

Democrat Nathanial Blaine Luffman, a resident of the Peoples' Republic of Berkeley, was arrested for making multiple calls threatening to kill Senator Rand Paul and his children.  Luffman left messages for Paul saying that he was going to “gut you like a hog” and "leave your kids' bowels splayed out across floor blood spattered on the door as you lay dead.”  The Mercury News reported that Luffman also allegedly left a voicemail threatening to “hack to pieces” the official and his daughters,

Is there a chance these threats might be starting to make any Dems uneasy, like maybe demonizing Republicans and keeping their followers' anger on white-hot for so long was a bad idea?  Nah, haven't yet heard a Democrat leader condemn this.  It's like they're fine with their followers threating to kill a Republican senator, his children and wife. 

Folks, it's just a matter of time until we see another insane Democrat try to kill one or more Republicans simply for having the temerity to be Republicans.


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