Sunday, June 3

The Left is beyond parody

The Left--so the entire Lying Mainstream Media--is always eager to bash the Trump administration for everything possible.  So when Jeffrey Hernandez--a man claiming to be a woman going by  "Roxanna"--entered the U.S. illegally for the third time, was promptly hospitalized for showing symptoms of AIDS, then died, the Left immediately accused ICE and DHS of not providing adequate care for transgender "asylum seekers."

So eager was the Leftist media to trash ICE and DHS and Trump that they didn't bother to actually read their own crap--like the caption on the pic that led Yahoo's "report" on this:
In this May 29, 2018 photo, Roxana Hernandez a transgender woman, left, talks with her friends behind the community center called El Caracol, where legal aid was being offered to migrants of the caravan by volunteer US lawyers in Tijuana, Mexico. The 33-year-old Hernandez died Friday, May 25, in an Albuquerque hospital, where she was admitted after showing symptoms of pneumonia, dehydration and complications associated with HIV.
The accompanying pic, which they say was taken May 29th, was of someone clearly alive.  And yet half an inch below, they claim the person died four days before the pic.

Now obviously, everyone makes mistakes.  But you'd think that with the dozens of editors at Yahoo "News," at least one would have caught it.  But they were so eager to bash Trump that no one bothered to read what someone there wrote.

Truly, the Left is beyond parody.


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